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RAP4 :: PMI Scott Paintball Goggle

by on Jul.25, 2006, under Articles, Goggle Systems

It is comfortable and convenient PMI Scott Olive Paintball can be putted together or come apart in three pieces. The Scott Paintball Mask fits perfectly under the US Army/Police Training Helmet. Mask also comes in black.

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Skirmish’s “Invasion of Normandy” breaks records

by on Jul.22, 2006, under Events, News, Press Releases, Tournaments

Skirmish USA’s now-legendary DraXxuS “Invasion of Normandy™” scenario game set a new world attendance record for most participants at a single paintball game, as 4,007 players converged on the Pocono Mountains to “storm the beaches of Normandy” and enjoy a remarkable and memorable weekend of Scenario Paintball, contests, role-playing, camping and special shopping deals from dozens of vendors.

Two truckloads of DraXxuS Midnight™ paintballs were shot back and forth between Allied and German forces on hundreds of acres of pristine paintball landscape provided by Skirmish USA, one of the oldest and most respected playing fields in the world. What began as a massive clash for the Normandy beaches between the British, Canadian and American Allies and the German forces behind the dunes became a two-day slugfest that concluded midday Sunday with an impressive Allied victory and the highest score ever for the beleaguered French forces, caught in the middle in a clash of titans.

Tanks of all types roved back and forth across the battlefield, including the popular Paintball Sports Magazine tank, operated by Editors Dawn and TJ Allcott, wreaking havoc and pushing the lines of battle to and fro while thousands of players duked it out amongst the rhododendrons at the home of the world-famous Tippmann Castle.

Vendors included; VForce Vision Systems, Smart Parts, Tippmann, Dye, Kingman, Planet Eclipse, American Paintball, Smokin’ Products, Paintball Central, Rufus Dawg, Paintball Kingdom, National, J & J Barrels, Quick Shot, Rhythm Paintball, Accurate Paintball, Blood to Blood Sports, West End Paintball, Paintball Source, Revolt Creations, Paintball Fury, Ambush Alpha, US Military Gear, Corner Surplus, and several others…

DraXxuS paintballs are the #1 choice of the largest and most influential game field operators and scenario promoters in the paintball industry, as well as consistent tournament-winning Teams like XSV, Baltimore Trauma, the Philadelphia Americans, Joy Division and Gridlock.

For more information on Skirmish USA, home of the Invasion of Normandy game, visit their official website online at

For more information on DraXxuS™ paintballs, VForce Visions Systems™ and XBall™ paintballs may be found online at

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Brass Eagle and Smart Parts sign agreement

by on Jul.22, 2006, under News, Press Releases

Smart Parts, Inc. and Brass Eagle, LLC announced the signing of a patent license agreement giving Brass Eagle (and its related companies) a worldwide, non-exclusive license to make, sell, offer for sale, and distribute products covered by Smart Parts’ electronic paintball gun patents.

Smart Parts owns several U.S. and international patents and pending patent applications related to the use of electronics in the control and operation of paintball guns. These include, for instance, U.S. Patent Nos. 5,881,707; 5,967,133; 6,035,843; 6,474,326 B1; and 6,637,421 B2, as well as patents and/or pending patent applications in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and other countries.

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Smart Parts enacts policy of not servicing markers with serial numbers removed

by on Jul.22, 2006, under News, Press Releases

Taking pride in our products and the support we give our customers, and in an effort to help reduce paintball marker theft, Smart Parts does not provide warranty service on markers which do not have their original serial number intact.

Serial numbers are a valuable tool for tracking and recovering stolen paintball markers, and it is not uncommon for thieves and people who knowingly deal with stolen property to destroy or modify serial numbers in an effort to cover their tracks.

The serial number serves not only as a method for locating a marker’s rightful owner, but also for tracking any potential problems it has had through its service life, allowing for the best possible warranty support.

“We want to do everything we can to insure the integrity of each and every project manufactured by Smart Parts,” says Smart Parts vice president Adam Gardner. “To assure complete reliability, only products with original serial numbers will be accepted for warranty service by authorized service centers.”

Smart Parts has received several reliable reports that certain companies have sold Ions lacking serial numbers, telling their customers that warranty service would be provided through their business. Without serial numbers, the legal origin of these markers is in doubt and they are not eligible for Smart Parts warranty support. Be aware that any company selling Ions without serial numbers is not a Smart Parts authorized dealer or service center.

There is never a legitimate reason to ever remove a marker’s serial number. Due to the very real possibility that it may be stolen property, Smart Parts recommends that any customer receiving an Ion, or other Smart Parts paintball marker without a serial number, immediately return the marker to the place or person from which it was purchased, and report the incident to Smart Parts.

“It is important that we all work together to eliminate improper business practices,” said Gardner. “Helping to eliminate the sale of markers which are counterfeited or even stolen helps to protect all our customers.”

Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit

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RAP4 :: T68 SMG (sub-machine gun) & T68 3 inches Barrel

by on Jul.21, 2006, under Articles, Markers

Get ready for real action paintball with the T68 SMG. This is the shortest and the lightest paintball marker you can find, packed with the features for the ultimate paintball game.


The built with: 3″ barrel to keep it compact and tight for fast rapid action and a the red dot scope to keep your target locked on.


With the T68 SMG are on ready to rock!


T68 SMG Gen3 Package Includes:

1. M4 Style Charging Handle

2. 1 x 40 red dot scope

3. Anti-icing system

4. Flexi System with Solid Remote Adaptor

5. T68 Magazine Kit

6. Atom Smasher Trigger System (ASTS)

7. Ergonomic Trigger Grip

8. 3 Positions Collapsible Stock

9. Tool Kit

10. O’ring Kit

11. User Manual

12 Warranty


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RAP4 :: RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun

by on Jul.21, 2006, under Articles, Markers

Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun, the first .68 caliber paintball shotgun available on the market today. It has features that replicate a real shotgun for the most realistic experience. The RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun is a .68 caliber marker that shoots regular paintballs, and can be used at any field! The unit is built with a 10 round integral magazine. Pump the forearm, pull the trigger and it will shoot one paintball at a time. This action provides the most realistic experience for scenario games and police tactical entry training. Standard features include a flip-up front sight and adjustable rear sight, a Weaver-style tactical rail for mounting accessories, and an extendable M-16-style stock to make the RAP68 as real as possible. It is a scaled version of the FN TACTICAL POLICE SHOTGUN.

The RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun is powered by a refillable 45g cylinder hidden inside the stock. This power source delivers more than 50 shots between fills. Additional power source options are available by removing the buttstock to attach a high pressure air bottle or a standard CO2 cylinder, such as the tiny 3.5oz tank or a huge 24oz tank for the greatest shot capacity. The RAP68 air system is versatile and can be configured to any player’s needs depending on their rate of fire and choice of accessories.

The RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun muzzle velocity is adjustable from 200 to 380 feet per second, with a maximum range of 300 feet.

RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun is a one-of-a kind training tool for law enforcement as well as the many private security sector. The RAP68 can also be used by police officers and the military to deliver non-lethal and less-lethal projectiles such as rubber balls, OC Balls, and powder balls. The RAP68 is a training tool and useful for riot and crowd control, or with standard paintballs and velocity set to 300fps or slower, is ideally suited for your paintball gaming!

RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun

CALIBER: .68 cal.

WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs

OVERALL LENGTH: 36″ Extended, 32″ Collapsed


MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 10 + 1 chamber

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RAP4 :: Universal Quick Release Bipod

by on Jul.20, 2006, under Accessories, Articles, Other Gear

Introducing RAP4’s universal quick release bipod. It can easily be installed on any barrel. The quick release system allows you to remove the bipod legs without tools.

Perfect for any paintball enthusiasts. Commonly used to reduce motion and permit more accurate shooting as well as reducing operator fatigue.

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RAP4 :: C-41 Extra Wide Angle Monocular Gen 2 Night Vision

by on Jul.18, 2006, under Articles, Non-Paintball, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

NVMT Night Vision Multitask C-41 Extra Wide Angle Monocular Gen2 is wide field of view for seeing more of the action. Large optic lens results in a professional, clear image that is comfortable even when viewing for long periods of time. Ideal for nature viewing, surveillance work and law enforcement when performance under low light and long range conditions are imperative.

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RAP4 :: Explosive Simulators

by on Jul.17, 2006, under Articles, Non-Paintball, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

For use in explosion simulator mines for generating the realistic effect of an explosion with loud audible report.

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RAP4 :: U.S Seal Team Package

by on Jul.17, 2006, under Accessories, Air Tanks, Articles, Markers, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

Package Includes:

1 x RAP5

6 x RAP5 Magazines

2 x 45g CO2 Tank

1 x 1000 U.S Seal Team Package43 cal Paintballs

1 x 1000 .43cal Plastic Shells

1 x SWAT Tactical Vest

1 x Marker Case

U.S Seal Team Package

Vest Size information:

Regular – fits user under 6 feet and weights under 250lbs

Large – fits user over 6 feet and weights over 250lbs

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