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List of Hopper-fed paintball markers

by on Nov.22, 2014, under Markers

Manufacturer Name Mechanism Date manufacture Caliber
A.T. Systems (Get Real Paintball) AT-85 0.68″
A.T. Systems (Get Real Paintball) AT-4 0.68″
Air Power Vector 0.68″
Airgun Designs Tac One 0.68″
Airgun Designs Automag series 0.68″
Arrow Precision Sterling STP 0.68″
Arrow Precision Sterling Stock Class STP 0.68″
Arrow Precision Sterling Bronze 0.68″
Arrow Precision Sovereign Auto-cocking 0.68″
Arrow Precision Inferno T3 0.68″
Arrow Precision Inferno Rec 0.68″
Arrow Precision Inferno Mk3 0.68″
Azodin Zenith 0.68″
Azodin Kaos Pump Stacked-tube poppet valve pump 0.68″
Azodin Kaos Mechanical stacked tube blowback 0.68″
Azodin Blitz Mechanical stacked tube blowback 0.68″
Bob Long Technologies Vice 0.68″
Bob Long Technologies G6r 0.68″
Bob Long Technologies Defiant 0.68″
Bob Long Technologies Bob Long Intimidator marker 0.68″
Bob Long Technologies BL Marq series 0.68″
Brass Eagle Triton 2 0.68″
Brass Eagle Tiger Shark Pump Action 0.68″
Brass Eagle Talon Ghost Pump Action 0.68″
Brass Eagle Stingray 0.68″
Brass Eagle Samurai 0.68″
Brass Eagle Sabre Twin Turbo Pump Action 0.68″
Brass Eagle Sabre Pump Action 0.68″
Brass Eagle Raptor Semi-automatic, stacked-tube blowback 0.68″
Brass Eagle Rainmaker 0.68″
Brass Eagle Marauder 0.68″
Brass Eagle Blade 0.68″
Brass Eagle Blade 2 0.68″
Brass Eagle Avenger 0.68″
Brass Eagle Avenger 2 0.68″
Brass Eagle Ambush Pump Action 0.68″
Brass Eagle Afterburner 0.68″
BT Paintball TM 7 0.68″
BT Paintball TM 15 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 S.W.A.T. 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 Ironhorse 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 ERC 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 Delta Elite 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 Delta 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 Combat 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 Banshee 0.68″
BT Paintball BT-4 Assault 0.68″
BT Paintball BT Omega 0.68″
Carter Machine Mini Comp 0.68″
Carter Machine Mini Buzzard 0.68″
Carter Machine Gecko Blaster 0.68″
Carter Machine Desert Duck 0.68″
Carter Machine Comp 0.68″
Carter Machine Buzzard 0.68″
Dangerous Power Threshold 0.68″
Dangerous Power Rev-i 0.68″
Dangerous Power G4 0.68″
Dangerous Power G3 0.68″
Dangerous Power G3 Spec-R 0.68″
Dangerous Power Fusion FX 0.68″
Dangerous Power Fusion F8 0.68″
Dangerous Power Fusion 0.68″
Deadlywind LLC Aedes Never produced
Diablo Wrath 0.68″
Diablo Mongoose LCD 0.68″
Diablo Mongoose II Reincarnation LED 0.68″
Diablo Mongoose II Reincarnation LCD 0.68″
Diablo Mongoose 0.68″
Dlx Technology Luxe 0.68″
Dye Precision Proto SLG 0.68″
Dye Precision Proto Reflex 0.68″
Dye Precision Proto Rail series 0.68″
Dye Precision Proto Matrix series 0.68″
Dye Precision NT Series 0.68″
Dye Precision Dye Matrix (DM) series 0.68″
Empire Paintball Sniper 2012 0.68″
Empire Paintball Resurrection Autococker Auto-cocking 2013 0.68″
Empire Paintball Mini 0.68″
Empire Paintball Dfender 0.68″
Empire Paintball Axe 0.68″
Evil Scion
Evil Pimp
Evil Omen Side-feeding stacked tube mechanical marker, similar to an Autococker
Evil Minion
First Endeavour Paintball (FEP) Quest
GOG paintball G-1
GOG paintball eXTCy
GOG paintball eNVy
GOG paintball eNMEy
Indian Creek Designs Thundercat
Indian Creek Designs Puma
Indian Creek Designs Promaster
Indian Creek Designs Freestyle
Indian Creek Designs Desert Fox
Indian Creek Designs Bushmaster 2000
Indian Creek Designs Bobcat
Indian Creek Designs BKO
Indian Creek Designs Alleycat
JT Sports Tactical RTP
JT Sports Tac 5
JT Sports Storm
JT Sports Stealth
JT Sports Raider
JT Sports Outkast
JT Sports Impulse 0.68″
JT Sports Excellerator
JT Sports ER2
JT Sports Cybrid
JT Sports Cybrid
JT Sports Covert OPS
Kingman Group Spyder VS series
Kingman Group Spyder MR series
Kingman Group Spyder Classic Series
Kingman Group Kingman Training (KT) Eraser and Chaser 0.43″
Kingman Group Hammer Pump marker
Macdev Sonic Autococker
Macdev Drone DX
Macdev Droid
Macdev Cyborg
Macdev Clone VX
Macdev Clone GTi
Macdev Clone GT
Macdev Clone
Martin Paintball Mini-Block Autococker
MILSIG Milsig Paradigm II
MILSIG Milsig Paradigim
MILSIG Milsig Elite
MILSIG Milsig Commando
MilTec ???
Mokal Titan Mirage
Mokal Fokus
Mokal Aura
Paintball Inc. GTVe
Paintball Inc. GTV1
Paintball Inc. GTF custom
Paintball Inc. GT-2000
Paintball Inc. E-2 Black Dragun
Paintball Inc. E-1 Black Dragun
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Superstocker
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Stroker (Sheridan Conversion)
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Squall
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Pyre
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Pug
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Painter
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Hurricane
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Grinder
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Blazer Auto-cocking
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