Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker W/ Free OLED Board

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The ETEK line has always stood for durability and reliability. Now in its 5th generation, the New ETEK5 holds true to those same basic principles. It utilizes the finest materials wrapped up in a package that offers outstanding performance, class-leading ergonomics and an array of features that make it a formidable proposition at its price point. It pushes the boundaries of what has come to be expected from a mid-range marker.

  • Free Uninstalled OLED Board Included
  • Zick3 Rammer System
  • Cure5 Bolt
  • HPR operating pressure of around 150psi and an LPR pressure of 85psi

The ETEK5 has achieved this by using the trickle-down effect of features and ergonomics from its class-leading high-end siblings. For example, the ETEK5 borrows its basic architecture and form from the incredible EGO LV1. Its integrated LPR assembly and SL4 inline regulator ensure the ETEK5 operates with exceptional consistency whilst employing an extended pitch between the foregrip and gripframe, providing the most stable and comfortable shooting platform possible. The all-new dual-density wrap-around grips and foregrips not only look the business, but also use our latest stippled inserts to give the user a higher level of grip and control, regardless of playing conditions.

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Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Marker W/ Free OLED Board

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Eclipse Gtek With OLED Board

OLED Board comes uninstalled and will need to be installed

For years the Etek has been the go-to marker for those looking for the ultimate in performance, value and rugged reliability in the mid-range market place. Its stacked-tube poppet valve construction has proven time and again to be the benchmark by which others in this area are judged. However, at Planet Eclipse we appreciate that not everyone likes the feel or the external moving components of a stacked-tube poppet valve marker. Some players have a clear preference for the simple lines and enclosed bolt system of the single-tube, spool valve platform. It is for these players that the all new Eclipse Gtek was created. A mid-range Eclipse marker with all the value, reliability and efficiency of the Etek line but with the smooth shooting and quiet sound signature that you’ve come to expect from a modern single-tube spool valve marker. Pull up on the quick release back cap and within its compact, lightweight and low-profile body the Gtek’s all-new and completely unique Gamma Core drivetrain can be found. This new system has been designed and developed to pull off the perfect trifecta of supreme all-weather reliability with optimal shooting enjoyment and exceptional efficiency.

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Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Carbon Fiber Barrel Kit – Apple Green – 5pc

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  • The complete four piece incredible Shaft FL Carbon Fibre Barrel System made in collaboration with DeadlyWind. The tip component is made from genuine Carbon Fibre that is extremely lightweight, incredibly strong and looks truly stunning. This is then complemented by a highly polished logo collar that is utilized to provide a durable fixing to the FL barrel back section for the ultimate Eclipse Barrel setup. The back component includes an integrated rubber composite grip that offers an exceptional tactile look and feel making it our most innovative barrel system to date.


    • FL Tip = Carbon Fibre/Aluminium composition
    • FL Insert = Aluminium/rubber composition / Micro honed
    • Assembled length: 14.5″ (Tip+Back)
    • 1 Tip / 3 Backs Included (.689, .685, .681)
    • Fits all standard cocker threaded markers
    • Reverse thread back to tip interface for easier assembly/disassembly
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Bitcoin nears $10000 USD

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The total value of the 16.7 million bitcoin units in circulation has now surpassed through $160 billion, which puts its market capitalization higher than IBM’s, McDonald’s, or Disney’s.

As of now 1 BTC = 9878.11 US Dollar / $12612.57 Canadian Dollar.

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“Bitcoin could be at $40,000 at the end of 2018. It easily could,” Michael Novogratz says on CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

“John McAfee claims bitcoin is headed to $500K.

Bill Gates – “Nobody can stop Bitcoin | Bitcoin is unstoppable”

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Empire EVS Paintball Goggle Mask Olive Black

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  • Quick and simple, tool-free lens replacement
  • Distortion free spherical lens with 270-degree field of vision
  • ASTM approved mask provides maximum eye protection
  • Dual-pane lens creates a thermal barrier to reduce fogging
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective lens that blocks 100% of harmful UVA/B radiation

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Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun w/ Tank + Dye Rotor Hopper & Pro Harness Combo Package

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  • Maddog Tournament Ready Electronic Paintball Gun Package
  • Overall Profile (25-Percent Lighter and 15-Percent Shorter)-25 BPS rate of Fire-3 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto, Ramp PSP, and Ramp Millennium)
  • Package Includes: Dye Rotor Paintball Hopper (Feeds 50+ BPS), Maddog 48/3000 Compressed Air Tank (Shipped Empty) + Fill Nipple Protector,
  • Maddog Pro 43 Paintball Harness w/ (4) Standard 140 Round Paintball Pods
  • Fast Charge Adjustable Inline Regulator-Standard Thread CA Vertical Adapter-External Velocity Adjuster-All Aluminum Constructed Body-Compatible with a Spyder 9.6v Rechargeable Battery or a Premium 9v Alkaline Battery (not included).

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Dye DSR Paintball Marker

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  • All-new ARC Bolt System. DYE’s groundbreaking new engine that delivers amazing performance in a robust, reliable package. The ARC Bolt’s smooth, quiet shot, high efficiency, and soft touch on paint is the end result of precise engineering. Optimized flow paths, dwell independent valve control, air supply cut off, and nearly zero shot chamber expansion are all critical to the ARC’s air efficiency.
  • Powered by DYE’s Method Operating System. The MOS gives the operator unrestricted access to precision tuning and unsurpassed performance. The optimized MOS programming logic ensures lightning fast response time, long battery life, precision tuning, and dual player profiles to store your exact playing specifications.
  • Ultralite 45 Frame, the culmination of top pro-player influence and progressive engineering. Designed specifically for modern double finger triggers, the UL Frame’s hourglass shape was ergonomically designed to give the player ultimate control, comfort, and performance. The UL Frame combined with DYE’S famous Sticky Grips offer a secure grip for stability and accuracy while encouraging sustainable, rapid trigger speed.
  • Hyper 6 Regulator, redesigned with a more efficient airflow path and consistent piston movement. The latest generation of DYE’s trusted line of regulators is the most reliable and consistent regulator DYE has produced to date. Updated with a single coil spring and top load assembly that allows for exceptionally easy service.
  • Ultra low profile design and all-aluminum body construction with no exposed screws or eye plates.

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Dye M2 MOSair Paintball Marker – Ironmen

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  • DYE M2 Paintball Marker with MOS Air Upgrade Kit Installed.
  • DYEnamic Wireless charger and tech mat included, eVOKE system ready out of the box (sold separately).
  • Method Operating System with Prism Interface, over 1 million player profile options to fine tune your marker to your exact preferences.
  • New Hyper 5 Regulator, signature DYE hourglass shaped Ultralite Frame, DYE Sticky Grips, internal pressure sensors, Quick Release Fuse Bolt design, and a Magnetic Reach Trigger.
  • Two Ultralite Barrel Backs (.684 & .688), compression formed hard case, DYE Multi-Tool, slick lube, and barrel sock included in addition to the MOS Air kit.

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Veska Paintballs 500, 1000, or 2000 Rounds, .68 Caliber Choose Your Color And Count

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  • Excellent for woods ball and recreational play
  • Shoots straight and breaks on target.
  • Great quality paintballs .68 caliber
  • Veska paintballs have a thicker shell which makes perfect for the entry level marker.


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Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun Marker

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The all new Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun Marker  was made for the player that loved the RSX but needed a little more gun for the game. Improvements include the all new XL Freak Barrel, Extended Frame for improved accuracy, more efficient bolt system (100 shots more than the RSX), larger hardware for ease of operation, sealed electronics for improved reliability, insanely responsive trigger and fast eject bolt system.

  • All new XL Freak Barrel System with one .687″ Insert
  • Extended Frame (Longer than the RSX) for Improved Accuracy and Handling
  • High Efficiency Bolt System (Get ~100 more shots compared to the RSX)
  • Larger Hardware for Ease of Operation, Sealed Electronics for Improved Reliability
  • Insanely Responsive Snappy Trigger and Fast Eject Bolt System

Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun Marker (Dust White)

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