RAP4 :: 140 Round Tripod Loader

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Tri-Pod with X-Board technology is a multi capacity loader. It is an agitating loader with a feed rate of up to 15 balls per second that comes with three different sized pods.

There are three different shells options, each one is interchangeable between games. They include a 140 shot shell for front players that shoot less paint and want to present a smaller profile to their opponents. A 200 shot shell for mid-players that need to carry a bit more paintballs, and a 300 shot shell for back players.

140 Round Tripod Loader

Players can easily change the size and capacity of their loaders between games to match the size and location of the bunkers that they will be playing. Designed for the serious tournament player, the Tri-Pod incorporates a spring loaded flip cap, and improved paddle design that provides a much quicker response time and unmatched feed rate. This is the loader to use if you need fast and dependable performance. It is equipped with an improved vision system that easily recognizes dark shell or black shell paintballs. This internal vision system tells the paddle when to spin to provide fast continuous feed rates of up to 15 balls per second.

140 Round Tripod Loader

Agitating feed electronic loader – with feed rate of up to 15 balls per second. Includes multi-blade propeller for reliable balanced feed.

Multi capacity loaders with spring loaded flip lid – can be easily changed between games. Includes 140 count, 300 and 200 count interchangeable pods. count capacities.

The Tripod loader comes standard with X-Board electronics.

a. Provides faster feed rate to minimize ball breakage and dry fires.
b. Sun proof vision system.
c. Moisture resistant electronics.
d. Extended battery life.

Improved vision system – to recognize dark shell or black shell paintballs.

Re-engineered feed neck – for increased strength and secure fit to your marker.

140 Round Tripod Loader

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RAP4 :: T16 LE

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The Most Realistic & Powerful Training Weapon In The World, The T16 LE Will Change Everything.

T16 LE

The most vigorous air powered training weapon in the world today, the T16 LE. The T16 is a new training weapon that was approved by the NATIONAL TACTICAL OFFICERS ASSOCIATION (NTOA). The unit received an extraordinary score of 4.55 out of 5.0. The enhanced version has been restructured with further improvements recommend by the NTOA. With these new enhancements the T16 LE will definitely collect a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 score.

“I recommend it to any agency looking at new training weapons.” –NTOA

The T16 loads marking rounds via a bottom-mounted magazine exactly like an authentic M4 rifle! This provides users an extremely “realistic” feeling for War Games and SWAT simulations. The CO2 tank (power source) is out of sight inside the butt stock. Additionally, the T16 has the capability to take any M4/AR type attachments (sight, scope, mount, etc.). The T16 LE is able to fire a paintball (marking round) at 450+ fps.

T16 LE offers innovative solutions for riot control and live fire training. This new solution is designed to restrain or subdue individuals and groups when non-lethal force is suitable. This new system will not just simply allow small agencies the capability to sharpen the officer’s skills; it can also be applied in riot control using our non-lethal projectile. Our marking rounds are made using olive oil and food coloring (non-toxic) and are water-soluble. The markings are really easy to clean; they can be cleaned off fast with a damp cloth. The T16 system is virtually maintenance free; each T16 can fire ten thousand rounds before any upkeep is necessary.

T16 LE is a “Simunition Alternative” that costs 30 times less than Simunition. Agencies can now train longer, harder and a lot more successful with additional trigger time. The T16 permits all agencies to train with live fire simulations with no worry of serious injury. We offer the finest and most up-to-date compliance systems currently on the market. Never before have there been military or law enforcement systems that are as safe, effective, and reasonably priced.

T16 LE
Refillable or disposal 45g CO2 tank inside the butt stock

T16 LE
Standard AR grip for true to life realistic training.

T16 LE
T16 LE stamp of quality and perfection

T-16 Package comes with:
1 x T16 LE
1 x Magazine
1 x User Manual
1 x Squeegee
1 x Barrel Plug
1 x Tool kit
1 x 45g refillable co2 cylinder

T16 LE

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RAP4 :: Tippmann 98 M4 Carry Handle

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Add this M4 carry handle to your Tippmann 98 and turn it into a true M4 assault rifle. This carry handle is made of solid alloy. It has the standard iron sight with elevation and windage adjustment gear.

Tippmann 98 M4 Carry Handle

Tippmann 98 M4 Carry Handle

Get the best value and a sure grip with any choice of our carry handles. Don’t take the risk of dropping your marker!

Tippmann 98 M4 Carry Handle

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RAP4 :: Brass / Casing / Shell Catcher

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RAP Custom made shell catcher, holds up to approximately 250 shells. Get this shell catcher so that you can re-use the shells, and at the same time avoid any unwanted mess. The catcher has a zipper for easy access and removal of shells, and the net is made out of Nylon.

Brass / Casing / Shell Catcher

Compatible with RAP4/RAP5

Brass / Casing / Shell Catcher

Brass / Casing / Shell Catcher

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RAP4 :: Tippmann 98 Skeleton Butt Stock

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This replica of the Skeleton Butt Stockk is made especially for the Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker. It is constructed of the same material as the real Skeleton Butt Stock. Turn your Tippmann 98 into a real fighting war gun!

Tippmann 98 Skeleton Butt Stock

This is a real butt stock from a real rifle – made for your Tippmann 98. It has the same quality and durability as real firearms. Made to out last your paintball marker – made in USA

Tippmann 98 Skeleton Butt Stock

Can be folded in just seconds!

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RAP4 :: Paintball Gun Handguard Package

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Tactical Handguards–Function, Form, and Firepower!

Custom handguards not only dress up your marker and round out its image, they also give you dynamic solutions to aiming, mounting optical sights, and attaching flashlights or lasers. Real Action Paintball has M4 style handguards, and “space gun” style handguards like those on competition AR15/M16 rifles. These handguards give you the function and style you need for scenario gaming, and are completely compatible with your favorite barrel–no need to alter your barrel at all to install Real Action handguards!

Before you choose which handguard package to order, you need to find out what style barrel is on your paintball gun. There are 3 types of barrel designs currently used:

1. Beveled barrels are bigger at the base and get smaller in the middle, then big again at the muzzle brake. These barrels can only be used with the Phantom Handguard.

2. Straight barrels have the same exterior diameter from the base to the muzzle. These barrels can take all types of handguards.

3. Tactical barrels have a bigger base, a smaller center and a removable muzzle brake. This barrel is the most versatile style, is able to take all types of handguards.

Bevel Barrel

The Phantom handguard is used with the beveled barrel because it has set screws that mount on any barrels. The Phantom handguard is optimized for beveled barrels. The beveled barrel can also be affixed with a removable front sight!

>>>This handguard package can be installed on any paintball gun barrel. It comes with universal front and rear locking rings.

Straight Barrel

Straight barrels work well with both the M4 style handguards and Phantom handguards. They will be able to take an M4 front sight, or an integrated front sight!

>>> This handguard package comes with front and rear locking caps. These caps can only be installed on straight barrels with external diameters of 7/8″ or less.

Tactical Barrel

Tactical barrels can be accessorized with both M4 style handguards and Phantom handguards. They will be able to take an M4 front sight or an integrated front sight!

>>> This handguard package comes with a rear locking cap for 1″ barrel bases and 7/8″ front locking caps for the smaller mid sections.

Paintball Gun Handguard Package

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RAP4 :: Universal Quick Release Bipod

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Introducing RAP4’s universal quick release bipod. It can easily be installed on any barrel. The quick release system allows you to remove the bipod legs without tools.

Perfect for any paintball enthusiasts. Commonly used to reduce motion and permit more accurate shooting as well as reducing operator fatigue.

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RAP4 :: U.S Seal Team Package

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Package Includes:

1 x RAP5

6 x RAP5 Magazines

2 x 45g CO2 Tank

1 x 1000 U.S Seal Team Package43 cal Paintballs

1 x 1000 .43cal Plastic Shells

1 x SWAT Tactical Vest

1 x Marker Case

U.S Seal Team Package

Vest Size information:

Regular – fits user under 6 feet and weights under 250lbs

Large – fits user over 6 feet and weights over 250lbs

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RAP4 :: Tippmann Trigger Response System

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The response trigger is a drop-in kit for the 98 Custom. The response trigger kit increases your trigger speed by resetting the trigger and sear with excess gas during firing.

This gas is used to operate a cylinder behind the trigger to do the resetting. The pressure of your finger on the trigger pulls it back to fire the next shot. The speed is determined by the amount of flow through the knurled adjuster on the side. The upper limit on the rate of fire is set by this adjuster.

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Redz International :: Announces High-Efficiency Bolt for the ION

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Redz International, a leader in supplying high-quality paintball products ergonomically designed for the sport of paintball, announces an addition to its 2007 line in the form of a new, high-efficiency bolt for the Ion.

The bolt increases air efficiency, reduces the overall weight of the Ion, and boosts performance in several noticeable areas:

WEIGHT: The Redz Ion bolt is 11.4 grams lighter than the stock bolt. This translates to a quicker cycling time, less recoil and less air required to push the bolt back and forth.

CONSTRUCTION: The Redz Ion bolt is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and is hard-anodized, making it rugged and long-lasting.

AERODYNAMICS: Designed with high-flow air porting, which requires less air pressure, and a lower dwell. The dwell in an Ion can be reduced from the default setting of 50, down to between 20 and 25. The forward chamber is also hollowed out so paint is hit with a cushion of air, which will distort the ball less, leading to a more accurate shot, and less paint breakage.

AIR SEAL: Multiple O-Rings in the rear of the bolt allow for a better air seal, and less leakage when the Ion is fired. Redz also incorporated the best o-rings money can buy – they’re made of neoprene, which lasts longer than other o-rings commonly found elsewhere.

All of these factors combine into a bolt that is a “must-have” upgrade for any Ion owner who is looking for greater performance, less weight, and a more accurate shot. Players will get better performance out of their Ion, using less air, which will let them play for longer. The Redz Ion Bolt is available for purchase.

About Redz International

Redz International has shifted into high gear, arriving at the next level with a new standard of quality for paintball equipment. Redz products are designed for the entry-level player all the way to the seasoned professional, and continually demonstrate that comfort, quality and style are a winning recipe. View all of Redz International’s products online via its newly designed web presence at or call 1-877-873-3432 for more information.

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