Bitcoin nears $10000 USD

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The total value of the 16.7 million bitcoin units in circulation has now surpassed through $160 billion, which puts its market capitalization higher than IBM’s, McDonald’s, or Disney’s.

As of now 1 BTC = 9878.11 US Dollar / $12612.57 Canadian Dollar.

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“Bitcoin could be at $40,000 at the end of 2018. It easily could,” Michael Novogratz says on CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

“John McAfee claims bitcoin is headed to $500K.

Bill Gates – “Nobody can stop Bitcoin | Bitcoin is unstoppable”

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Terminator’s T-1000 :: Programmable Liquid Matter : Shape Deformation of Liquid Metals in Dynamic Electric Field

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The Interact Lab of the University of Sussex and the FIT Lab of Swansea University present the programmable liquid matter: a class of materials where the deformability is intrinsic in their molecular structure and/or their physical state.Liquid metals are an extremely promising class of materials for deformable applications: their unique properties — such as voltage controlled surface tension, high liquid-state conductivity and liquid-solid phase transition at room temperature — open new possibilities in soft robotics and shape changing displays. We explored programming liquid matter for customisable and interactive animation with a dynamic electric field. We implemented a novel prototype that can alter the shape of liquid metal by moving it along a desired path. By creating a hardware framework and a graphical user interface to promote interactive visualizations, we demonstrated novel manipulation of liquid metal with a vision to expand the work on shape changing, programmable material and consider its use as a method for providing a programmable electric circuit.

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RAP4 :: Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings

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– reusable – over 1000 times
– biodegradable ( in 10 years )

Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings

Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings (bag of 500)
Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings (bag of 1000)

Brass / Casing / Shell Catcher Reuse the shells with this shell catcher

NO mess and you don’t have to pick them up – keep it clean!

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RAP4 :: RAP4 Airsoft Gen2

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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of RAP4 Airsoft Gen2 the next generation of realistic war games and combat training: RAP4 Airsoft Systems and Kits. These systems have a waterproof, tough, all-metal construction, making them both reliable and powerful. Never before have such high-quality, high-performing systems been available at such an affordable price.

What makes these systems different? Regular Airsoft products are battery operated, so the moment they get wet or a little moisture gets into the housing, your training or game is over. Also, regular Airsoft products are normally manufactured out of plastic unless you willing to pay for an expensive upgrade.

On the other side, standard paintball guns have their own set of potential difficulties. They are typically bulky, and make use of ammunition that immediately changes shape and becomes unusable when exposed to moisture.

Conversely, RAP4 Airsoft Systems have a all-metal construction, giving them the weight and feel of a standard, real-world assault rifle. They are also waterproof, meaning your training or game will be able to continue under any weather or environmental condition. RAP4 Airsoft Systems can even be completely submerged in water and still be fully operable. Additionally, these systems are capable of taking any standard attachments or modifications (sight, scope, mount, etc.).

RAP4 Airsoft Systems use CO2 or compress air to operate and are capable of putting out more than 400 feet-per-second of power, providing groupings of 7 inches at over 50 yards. This level of power and accuracy – not to mention dependability and durability – will take your training and war games to a whole new level.

The RAP4 Airsoft is the first Airsoft system that ejects shell casings after each shot. The RAP4 Airsoft shoots .236 caliber 6mm) BBs. The projectiles are loaded into a shell casing that fits in the detachable twenty round magazines, and actually ejects out the side of the gun – just like the M4 rifle.

The RAP4 Airsoft is a select-fire airgun capable or semi or automatic shooting. It can be powered by 45g refillable or 45g disposable co2 cylinders conveniently hidden inside the butt stock. For law enforcement training, the RAP4 Airsoft is a training tool that can be used on a dynamic moving target rather than a static target and in a live scenario environment for added realism.

For owners of RAP4 paintball markers, a RAP4 Airsoft conversion kit is available! The kit allows all previous RAP4 versions to be converted to shoot the BBs. The conversion kit is simple to install with no permanent modification, and you can do it yourself in less than 2 minutes. The RAP4 Airsoft kit uses the standard RAP4 magazine so you can use the magazines you already own!

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RAP4 :: C-41 Extra Wide Angle Monocular Gen 2 Night Vision

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NVMT Night Vision Multitask C-41 Extra Wide Angle Monocular Gen2 is wide field of view for seeing more of the action. Large optic lens results in a professional, clear image that is comfortable even when viewing for long periods of time. Ideal for nature viewing, surveillance work and law enforcement when performance under low light and long range conditions are imperative.

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RAP4 :: Explosive Simulators

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For use in explosion simulator mines for generating the realistic effect of an explosion with loud audible report.

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