Marker Blueprints

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Invisibility Cloaks / Optical Camouflage

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The invisibility cloak is now a reality thanks to scientists at the University of Tokyo. Now we’ve all seen the movie Predator (1998) where a team of commandos, on a mission in a Central American jungle, find themselves hunted by an invisible extra-terrestrial warrior. It’s now possible to be that predator… well almost. It’s called optical-camouflage technology. What is optical camouflage? It’s a kind of active camouflage. This idea is very simple. If you project background image onto the masked object, you can observe the masked object just as if it were virtually transparent.

The key development of the cloak, however, was the development of a new material called retro-reflectum.

“This material allows you to see a three-dimensional image,” Professor Tachi said.

“This material is the key to our technology.”

There are many potential uses of the cloak, ranging from espionage and military purposes to helping pilots see through the floor of the cockpit to the runway below. However there are massive questions of potential misuse too, particularly surrounding the huge crime implications. It would become incredibly difficult to spot a thief, for example, if the items they were taking were simply disappearing under the cloak. Professor Tachi said that he had first had the idea of developing something to make objects invisible in 1977. But he said it was “hard to make it into reality,” as the image looked flat and unrealistic.

“It didn’t work at all when we just projected the image onto a normal screen,” he added.

“We tried hard, but it took a while before we came up with this retro-reflective material.”


mirror.mpeg (915k)

oc-s.mpeg (1.26M)

oc-phantom.mpeg (1.66M)




Who knows maybe it’ll be used in paintball one day.

Sources: Optical Camouflage Using Retro-reflective Projection Technology

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How to make Smoke Bombs

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Straight from the cookbook. You can buy Potassium Nitrate (AKA: KNO3, Saltpetre) at your local pharmacy, fireworks store. It doesn’t exactly have to be these measurements, but they work best.

All measured by weight

60% Potassium Nitrate

40% Sugar
Mix the sugar and saltpeter together good, then put them in a small plastic container (this container will catch on fire and burn like hell so watch out).

The container In this smoke bomb video (you must be logged-in to watch) can hold 400g of the KN03 (AKA: Potassium Nitrate, Saltpeter) and 267g of Sugar, which as you can see can easily fill a block full of thick smoke.

Beware of how much you use depending on whether you’re playing paintball indoors or outdoors. Then close container with a cap. Puncture a small hole in the cap and place a sparkler inside.

Reminder: the container will BURN almost anything it touches so think before you chuck it. This text is for educational purposes. DO NOT TRY.

Don’t feel like making one? It turns out RAP4 sells smoke bombsRAP4 Smoke Bomb

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