RAP4 :: 140 Round Tripod Loader

by on Oct.19, 2006, under Accessories, Articles, Other Gear

Tri-Pod with X-Board technology is a multi capacity loader. It is an agitating loader with a feed rate of up to 15 balls per second that comes with three different sized pods.

There are three different shells options, each one is interchangeable between games. They include a 140 shot shell for front players that shoot less paint and want to present a smaller profile to their opponents. A 200 shot shell for mid-players that need to carry a bit more paintballs, and a 300 shot shell for back players.

140 Round Tripod Loader

Players can easily change the size and capacity of their loaders between games to match the size and location of the bunkers that they will be playing. Designed for the serious tournament player, the Tri-Pod incorporates a spring loaded flip cap, and improved paddle design that provides a much quicker response time and unmatched feed rate. This is the loader to use if you need fast and dependable performance. It is equipped with an improved vision system that easily recognizes dark shell or black shell paintballs. This internal vision system tells the paddle when to spin to provide fast continuous feed rates of up to 15 balls per second.

140 Round Tripod Loader

Agitating feed electronic loader – with feed rate of up to 15 balls per second. Includes multi-blade propeller for reliable balanced feed.

Multi capacity loaders with spring loaded flip lid – can be easily changed between games. Includes 140 count, 300 and 200 count interchangeable pods. count capacities.

The Tripod loader comes standard with X-Board electronics.

a. Provides faster feed rate to minimize ball breakage and dry fires.
b. Sun proof vision system.
c. Moisture resistant electronics.
d. Extended battery life.

Improved vision system – to recognize dark shell or black shell paintballs.

Re-engineered feed neck – for increased strength and secure fit to your marker.

140 Round Tripod Loader