RAP4 :: AK47 Gun with 40MM Grenade Launcher Package

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The new 40mm Grenade Launcher, this amazing new tool is designed for the AK47-style markers, or as a standalone unit. This is the first 40mm Grenade Launcher-style unit designed for AK47-style paintball markers!

AK-47 Paintball Gun with 40mm Grenade Launcher

The 40mm Grenade Launcher comes in two versions: one for standard .68 paintball markers, and the other, .43 caliber paintball markers. The .68 caliber version can be mounted on all .68 caliber AK47 look-a-like paintball markers!

The 40mm Grenade Launcher is made of aircraft aluminum with a functional trigger and safety switch. It also has an adjustable sight—it’s externally the spittin’ image of the real thing! They are solidly built and made to last, and RAP4 fans take heart: it’s compatible with all Thunder Grenade cartridges!

AK-47 Paintball Gun with 40mm Grenade Launcher

The 40mm Grenade Launcher is designed to take paintball to the next level of realism! For games with tanks or “rocket launcher rules,” get their special-color paint and prove you took out that tank with a “grenade!” Take ‘em out with the 40mm Grenade Launcher!

This is especially for the opposing force—when you want to play OpFor in realistic scenarios—so you can have a little more fun playing the bad guy. The 40mm Grenade Launcher is the first grenade launcher that is compatible with the AK47 style paintball makers, to help the bag guys enjoy the game and to give the opposing team a real challenge.

This is the .43 caliber version, it is compatible with all .43 caliber markers

This package includes:
– 1 x RAP4 AK47 ( more info )
– 1 x 40MM Grenade Launcher ( more info )

AK-47 Paintball Gun with 40mm Grenade Launcher

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