Redz International :: Ions, Body Kits and 45 grips are now available

by on Dec.30, 2006, under Accessories, Articles, Other Gear

Redz International is pleased to announce that the Redz Ion markers, Redz Ion Body Kits, and Grips are available for purchase right now, through its online store, and affiliated distributors and retail stores.

The Redz Ion Body Kits are “total conversion” body kits that completely change the look of the Ion marker, short of redesigning its fundamental structure. The kit includes all three parts needed to accomplish this: a 3D sculpted body, a regulator cover, and a specially-designed 45 grip that features Redz’ 2007 “Rip-Stripe” graphics. Made of lightweight composite materials, the body kits were also engineered according to Smart Parts’ exacting standards to ensure a precise fit. The Ions, body kits and grips come in red, white, blue, and olive (camo).

The Redz 45 Grip is an ergonomically-designed grip that wraps around markers with 45 frames. It’s included with the Ion Body Kit and is also available for individual sale. For an increased grip, Redz added grooves, raised areas, and a nice overall texture so players are less likely to lose your marker, even if their hands are covered in paint. The grips are available in red, blue, white, and olive (camo).

The Redz Ion Marker is an Ion that includes all of the upgrade parts that Redz engineered in 2006. This includes the Ion Body Kit, high-efficiency bolt, Cam-Lock feed neck, Pepper Stick Barrel, one of Redz’ Triggerz (flat-style), and the Redz ASA with Rail. All of these parts boost the performance and function of the already-formidable stock Ion. The Redz Ions come in red, blue, white and olive (camo).

Carmen “The Angry” Borgia couldn’t be happier with the results: “Since our Body Kits and Ion markers have arrived, we’ve been selling both at a phenomenal rate. Our entire staff has been answering calls and e-mails from players of all sorts asking about them, and those inquiries alone have, more often than not, generated sales. This is the first of many customized markers we’ll be selling in 2007 and beyond, and it’s a great first shot out of the cannon.”

The Redz Ion markers, Ion Body Conversion Kits, and 45′ Grips are available right now for purchase at and at your local store or favorite online shop.

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