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Veska Paintballs 500, 1000, or 2000 Rounds, .68 Caliber Choose Your Color And Count

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  • Excellent for woods ball and recreational play
  • Shoots straight and breaks on target.
  • Great quality paintballs .68 caliber
  • Veska paintballs have a thicker shell which makes perfect for the entry level marker.


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Serum 2000CT .68 Calibre Caliber splash paint paintball balls toy games sport

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  • Serum PB Inc Series 1 high quality PEG Fill training paintballs with a 6CM Splash radius, build around high quality ingredients, the smooth surface shell reduces drag offering a more accurate shot
  • Color – Gold Color Coat, bright yellow splash with advanced breaking mechanics, will break on soft targets more often allow more effective eliminations
  • All weather paintball splash on contact and biodegradable. Peg Fill, Non Oily substance
  • Count – 2000 Paintballs packed in 4 bags of 500 and protected by 2 thick outer boxes
  • Enjoy sports paintball with friends, this beginning package keeps product at a low price and is must suitable for new users

Serum 2000CT PEG Fill .68 Calibre Caliber splash paintball balls toy games sport

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RAP4 :: M249 SAW Paintball Machine Gun

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The M249 SAW paintball gun is a lightweight, gas-operated, 200 round magazine-tube-fed, individually portable paintball-machine-gun capable of delivering a large volume of effective fire. The M249 provides accurate fire on par with the accuracy of a regular marker, yet gives the heavy volume of fire common to a machine gun. The M249 replaces two automatic M16A1 rifles in the rifle squad on a two-for-one basis in all infantry type units and in other units requiring high firepower.

M249 SAW Paintball Machine Gun

The M249 SAW paintball gun fires standard .68 caliber paintballs using a standard 200 round loader, with realistic selective firing modes: semi, 3 round burst and full auto at 420 rounds per minute. The unit features all metal construction and weighs 15lbs. The M249 SAW operates with both CO2 and compressed air, using a remote line.

The M249 SAW series paintball gun provides a valuable, realistic training tool for military combat training and gives operators a true-to-life feel…as if they are training with their duty gear.

RAP4 T68 M249 SAW Paintball Gun:
– .68 caliber system
– Compatible with marking rounds, rubber rounds, clear rounds and less lethal rounds
– Selective firing mode (semi/burst/auto)
– 200 round loader
– All metal construction
– Works with CO2 / Compressed Air / HPA / Nitrogen
– Maximum range: 300 feet
– Effective range: 150 feet
– Velocity 300-350 fps (adjustable)
– Weight 15lbs
– One year warranty

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Planet Eclipse :: Ego 7 Technical Innovations

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The Ego7 sees the culmination of many months of design, experimentation and testing in the smallest, lightest Ego that Eclipse have ever produced. Not just a new milling job and some new anodised fancy colours, the Ego7 has undergone a complete re-design and re-build from the ground up. Almost every component of the Ego7 has been improved to either increase performance, reduce size and weight, improve user-maintenance, improve reliability, or just make it plain better looking.

But it is not just new mechanical components that you will find in the 07, but new electronic innovations as well. For example there is a completely new solenoid valve system, as well as new drive circuitry that have been implemented in order to achieve superior cyclic consistency and speed.

Solenoid Valve
For the first time in an Eclipse gun we are using a true “Direct-Acting” solenoid. What this means in terms of performance is that the solenoid pulse is far more consistent, far faster, and far more accurate than a more conventional pilot-operated solenoid valve.

Most solenoid valves used in paintball work off a “Pilot” system. They rely on air pressure supplied by the LPR to drive the spool inside the solenoid valve backwards and forwards. Any deviation in LPR pressure will ultimately effect the speed, duration and accuracy of the actuation of the spool. And because the actuation of the solenoid valve spool is what determines the actuation of the rammer and the valve, you can see that any variation in the pulse from the solenoid valve will ultimately effect velocity, accuracy and cycle speed.

However, in a direct-acting solenoid valve the action of the spool is controlled solely by the electromagnetic coil, and a return spring. So no matter what the pressure and recharge rate of the HP or LPR supply, the solenoid spool will always actuate fully, extremely accurately, and for exactly the same duration every time, giving the whole firing cycle the very best platform from which to achieve the highest possible velocity consistency. And consistency gives accuracy!

But the performance benefits do not stop there. Because the solenoid valves electro-magnetic plunger acts directly onto the spool, and the spool is then returned to its start position by a spring, it means that the actuation of the spool is faster in both the energising and de-energising parts of the cycle. That means the solenoid, and hence the air supply to both sides of the rammer is quicker than a more conventional pilot-operated valve.

The reason direct-acting solenoid valves are not widely used in paintball is because they inherently use more electrical power. It is electromagnetic force doing all the work to drive the spool rather than air power in other valves. But by utilizing a completely new method of actuating and driving the solenoid, Eclipse have managed to get the same long battery life out of this new direct-acting solenoid as you could expect out of the lesser performing pilot-operated solenoid valve. The new electronics allow more accurate and efficient drive of the solenoid coil over a far wider range of supply voltage from the battery. We have managed to achieve the impossible by getting big performance gains at the cost of no additional power usage.

Circuit Board
Electronically the Ego7 also offers another paintball first. Over the last 2 years we have noted the split between players who prefer an optical trigger switch, and those that prefer the more conventional and comforting “click” that you only get from a micro-switch. Rather than asking one group or another to have to buy an “upgrade” board just in order to get their preferred trigger actuation mechanism (and have to lose the functionality and ease-of-use of the Ego LCD at the same time) we thought it was only fair that the Ego7 included BOTH trigger actuation systems as standard on the board. The Ego7 can be configured to run off either the optical switch OR the micro-switch. Simply select the desired trigger operation in the software and set your trigger accordingly. The electronics will then automatically set the corresponding level and type of Debounce for the system selected.

Multiple Preset ramps modes, plus fully customizable Ramp modes with either adjustable cap up to 25 BPS or Fully Uncapped are standard. NPPL, PSP, Millennium modes are preset to make sure you are fully league compliant, or adjust and customise any mode to suit your requirements. Of course ROF indicators, shot counter and game timer are also there, and navigation is made even easier with the inclusion of fully animated Gifs to guide you along.

With the addition of a dual-triggering system comes an all-new dual ball-raced trigger mechanism. Unlike most bearing trigger designs where the bearing is simply glued into the trigger, the Ego7 utilizes a separate bearing carrier mounted into the frame, and like previous Egos, the trigger pin clamps directly to the trigger. This gives a very wide axial spread of the side-to-side pivoting action of the trigger, leaving no slop, just a silky smooth action.

The new trigger combines a magnetic return for those using the optical trigger switch, or a choice of micro-switch spring and magnet for those wanting the click of the switch. And obviously switch activation, pre and post trigger travel and magnetic return strength are all adjustable directly in the face of the trigger. No need to drop the gun apart to make any adjustments.

The new frame now flows and moulds with fluid lines to the bottom of the main body. This not only allows for smaller, tighter packaging of the internals, but also allows the top of the hand to move up, closer to the axial line of the barrel and bolt. This makes the gun feel much more “pointy” as the hand comes closer to the sighting-line of the barrel. The new trigger guard is large enough for either two very big, fat fingers, or for the now widely-used three-finger technique. And to further add to the ease of shooting the 07, the trigger has been moved back in the frame and the grip made shorter from the back edge to the trigger. This combined with a much-requested slimmer grip, and gives a much more comfortable and ergonomic feel than both the 05 and 06 Egos.

The current industry standard Dovetail rail that is used to connect the ASA to the frame has consistently proved to be the weakest link for every manufacturer out there when it comes to the durability of the system used to mount the tanks to the guns. So for that reason we have shunned the flawed design of the dovetail in favour of a T-Slot design. By using a T-shaped slide rail, as opposed to the double V of the old fashioned dovetail, the ASA-To-Frame interface has been drastically strengthened. There should be no way that a well executed dive into a bunker should dislodge the ASA now, but even if you feel you have to go and use a different ASA there is still standard mounting holes in the frame to fit your own inferior rail and ASA. But why would you want to replace it when the 07 OOPS has one of the lightest actions under gas pressure, includes a downstream dump facility, and when combined with the 07 frame has over 1.5” of fore-and-aft slide adjustment to suite virtually any length of arm and size of player?

Internally there are also some radical changes. The main difference here is the complete removal of the old rammer housing. Take a look at the rear body of the Ego7 and you will notice that it is so slim that it is, in fact, thinner than the already slimmed down frame. Using new manufacturing techniques the rammer shaft (now also shorter) runs directly in the body without a sleeve, and the new swivel QEV mounts to the bottom of the body. By removing the housing we have removed unwanted metal, and reduced the number of seals required.

And because of the way the rammer now sits in the body, we have also been able to lighten the weight of the rammer, as well as reduce the pressure needed to cycle it, and the force it is driven backwards with. Combined with a shorter, lighter bolt, the reciprocating mass has been reduced. In doing so we have managed to reduce the kick induced by the bolt and rammer cycling back and forth.

The valve guide is now much smaller, both in diameter and length, and combined with the vastly improved size of the valve chamber, the porting of the new valve guide helps lower the operating pressure to well below 250psi. This makes the new 07 the lowest operating pressure Ego ever produced. Lowering the operating pressure generates 3 noticeable benefits. It not only reduces the pressure of the gas on the paintball, and hence allow the shooting of more fragile paint, it also allows the shot to be a lot quieter and the kick to be significantly less.

In order to cope with the enlarged air passages and internal volume, the valve retaining screw has also been modified, so that the transfer port between the valve and the bolt chambers could also be increased to increase flow.

Up front there are still more changes. The FRM is now integrated into the light weight body. This makes for a lower gun profile, fewer seals, improved reliability and more sturdy construction. The small “Torpedo” between the FRM and LPR body is there to direct the LP air from the LPR to the solenoid, and is instrumental in providing a body solution that has NO Loctitied blanking plugs and NO glued in screws.

The Inline regulator is also improved. Now a swivel design as standard, the new reg incorporates a new piston design that means the main seal is locked into place. There is now no way that the seal can become detached from the piston, no matter what daily abuse is thrown at it. Again, this is a step to improve the performance and reliability of the Ego7.

In the upper tube there is the new Cure bolt, cut to blend seamlessly with the rear of the body, and provide relief from breaks caused by over-zealous force-feed loaders and fragile tournament grade paint. The Cure bolt has been proving its worth through the second half of last season with all the Eclipse sponsored teams switching to them in order to shoot the most fragile paint going. Now a standard feature in the 07, it will really come into it’s own in the colder winter months where other guns and bolts have been known to struggle.

So not just a whole new gun for 07, but an all-new Shaft II barrel. Using a micro-honed finish and a 2 piece design, we have kept the popular and unique reverse-thread front-to-back attachment of the old Shaft, but beefed up the mating threads to allow far superior concentricity between the 2 sections. Available as standard on the 07 you will find the new Shaft II in 2-Piece, 14” and 0.693” bore guise. New milling also helps to make this one of the lightest barrels on the market.

So what about the weight? Well, let’s just say, you thought the SL66 was light, right? Well the 07 blows that out of the water. Side-by-side with a standard Maniac Ego 06, the new Ego weighs over 230grams, yes 8 OUNCES LESS. 8 OUNCES!!!

Lighter, less kick, quieter signature, more compact, fewer seals, more reliable, more performance, more features, tighter profile, better looks, more adjustability, reduced operating pressure, improved grip ergonomics, easier maintenance etc, etc, etc. The Ego7 is not just a new milling job, it’s a revelation.

Technical Specifications
All Weights and Measurements Include 14” Barrel, On/Off/Purge System , Battery etc.

Full Set-Up Ready to Go:
Length: 531mm
Height: 216mm
Width: 26mm
Weight: 941g / 2.07 lbs

Feature List
· NEW Ultra-Lightweight Monoform Body
· Deftek Offset Feed Tube
· NEW Flusher-Fitting Eye Covers
· NEW Integrated Rammer Housing
· NEW Integrated FRM
· NEW Lightweight Rammer
· NEW Larger Valve Chamber
· NEW High-Flo Valve
· NEW Lower Operating Pressure
· NEW Swivel Stainless Banjo QEV
· NEW Micro + Opto Switch Board
· NEW Duel Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger
· Magnetic Trigger Return
· NEW Skinny-Fit Co-Moulded Rubber E-Star Grips
· NEW T-Slot Rail Mounting System
· Capped and Uncapped Semi and Ramping Modes
· 9 Debounce Modes
· NEW 07 Cure Bolt
· NEW Direct-Acting Solenoid
· LCD Display
· NEW Swivel In-Line Regulator
· NEW Lever Operated Clamping Feed
· NEW Shaft II 2-Piece 14” 0.693” Barrel
· NEW 07 On/Off/Purge System
· Lower Cyclic Mass
· Less Kick
· Quieter Shot
· Same Excellent Efficiency
· Low Profile Break-Beam Eyes

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RAP4 :: T68 MP5K Paintball Gun Package

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T68 MP5K. This new marker is faithful to the image of the world-famous submachine gun used by US Navy SEAL teams in CQB operations!

The T68 MP5K is just about the shortest and lightest paintball marker you can find, while still being packed with cosmetic and functional features for ultimate paintball action. They are built with a 3″ barrel to stay compact and tight for fast, rapid action. Top, bottom, and side tactical rails accept Weaver-mount accessories, like the “broom handle” style vertical grip, flashlights, lasers, and more. The T68 MP5K is designed for high-speed games that call for instant and precise response with completely reliable equipment.

The T68 MP5K uses your hopper. An 18 round detachable magazine kit is available to convert the MP5K to use a magazine. It shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs and can be used at any paintball field! Military and law enforcement groups can use the T68 MP5K for tactical training, and you can use it to clear castles, forts, and trenches–it’s perfect for room clearing and building entry training, teaching CQB marksmanship, and firearm safety instruction. And after all that, will still rock some people’s worlds at the field!

The T68 MP5K is manufactured with a final weight, width and length that is comparable to authentic MP5K style machine pistols, and the grip is familiar to fans of the M4. This gives officers a true-to-life feel as if they were holding their duty gear.

The T68 MP5K will change the face of paintball and give the military and law enforcement agencies new training gear…and your scenario gaming will never be the same!

Package comes with:
1 x T68 MP5K ( more info )
1 x Air Adaptor ( more info )
1 x Retractable Buttstock ( more info )
1 x 3 inch Barrel ( more info )
1 x Tactical Vertical Handgrip ( more info )

Standard features:
– Semi-automatic operation
– 200 round hopper adaptor
– .68 caliber
– Works on CO2/HPA of all sizes
– Maximum range: 200 feet
– Effective range: 100 feet
– Velocity 250-370 fps (adjustable)

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RAP4 :: .68 Cal Rubber Training Balls for Law Enforcement

by on Jan.09, 2007, under Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

The new .68 caliber rubber training balls for Law Enforcement and Military operators. These are the latest non-lethal training munitions available today.

.68 Cal Rubber Training Balls (Bag of 500)

The .68 caliber rubber training balls are extremely cost effective, and can be used thousands of times. They just need to be swept up, rinsed, dried and put back in action!

The .68 caliber rubber training balls will serve as excellent training tools, and are extremely effective for force-on-force training where you can’t leave a paint mess behind, or can’t afford case after case of paint. They are designed to work with the new T68 Gen5 .68 magazine fed paintball markers, as well as the markers your department already uses!

.68 Cal Rubber Training Balls (Bag of 500)

The .68 caliber rubber training balls and the T68 Gen5 offer Law Enforcement and Military operators the most effective training tools and less-lethal systems available in the market today. These systems are virtually maintenance-free, and ultimately cost less than 1/2 of a penny per shot.

These systems will open new doors for your training regimen, allowing you to train in places and operations like never before. Reduce your training costs, reduce your operating costs, and improve your exercises—get Real Action Paintball training balls and T68 markers this year!

.68 caliber single color rubber reusable training balls. Bag of 500 high quality rubber balls made in USA . These are the best rubber balls in the market today!

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RAP4 :: T68 Gen5 Thunderstrike Package

by on Jan.01, 2007, under Articles, Markers, Tactical Gear

T68 Gen5 the only paintball marker in the world that uses both a detachable magazine and a hopper. The T68 Gen5 can use either the magazine alone, or hopper alone, or both at the same time to give you force-feed and bulk-loader options without lugging extra gear. The T68 Gen5 does not require any modification to switch from hopper to magazine, either – all you need to do is plug-and-play.

T68 Generation 5: Dual-Feed .68 Carbine!

T68 Gen5 Thunderstrike Package Includes:
– 1 x T68 Gen5 Paintball Gun ( more info )
– 1 x Air adaptor ( more info ) – optional air stock kit
– 1 x Samurai 30mm AP Red Dot Sight ( more info )
– 1 x T68 Gen5 SIR System ( more info )
– 1 x T68 Gen5 Magazine ( more info )

Standard features:
– Semi-automatic operation
– 18 rounds detachable magazine
– 200 round hopper adaptor
– .68 caliber
– M4 Style front sight
– M4 Style butt stock
– Works on CO2/HPA of all sizes
– Maximum range: 300 feet
– Effective range: 200 feet
– Velocity 250-370 fps (adjustable)

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Planet Eclipse :: SL66 Bushwacker Pro Edition EGO Yellow / Red

by on Jan.01, 2007, under Articles, Markers

This is the first true “Pro” Edition Ego. It has been designed from the ground up to be the lightest, tightest Ego ever produced. This is the Integra Type R or M3CSL equivalent of the Ego 06, where almost every component has been optimized for performance, weight, balance and size.

The attention to detail is unparalleled on any previous Ego. For example, the front regulator mount is 2mm smaller in diameter, just to shave off extra grams. The in-line regulator is devoid of sculpted finger grooves in order to make the body as thin as possible and yet retain structural integrity. The new swivel in-line Reg now has a shorter bottom piece in order to have a longer and larger down-stream regulated volume without increasing weight.

On the frame, the rail has been cut down to the bare minimum; to reduce overall gun height, as well as save weight. The new On/Off purge system now mounts so that it butts right up to the bottom of the grips. The frame also shaves off the weight by reducing the thickness of the guard, reducing the profiling of the snatch grip area, removing more metal from inside the upper section of the trigger guard, removing metal from the inside of the frame where it wasn’t necessary, and also deleting the magnetic return mechanism, as the choice of the Pros is spring only trigger return. A larger, flatter trigger makes the marker more responsive by being lighter, with a profile that makes it more comfortable to shoot with more varied hand positions and placements.

Inside the frame there is the Ego 6 circuit board with 3 ramp modes, capped and un-capped semi, as well as an uncapped training mode. The new Ego 6 Debounce settings make the marker quicker to shoot and easier to set up than any of the 2005 software versions.

The body is machined all over using complex 3D surface machining to get the weight down to the bare minimum, yet retain the classic flowing Eclipse lines. This is by-far the lightest body Eclipse has created – for any marker.

A new bolt system incorporating no retaining screw, an aluminium plunger, smaller spring and a stainless pin reduces mass in both the cycling system and the overall marker, is open-faced and has a slotted inlet for high flow. It helps reduce cyclic kick and blends seamlessly with the read of the gun. No protruding bolt parts make the sides of the marker easier to clean after a side-shot.

The new C-Lever clamping feed, XSV machined logo, wasted-down front cap, 2-piece shaft and an exclusive XSV navigation console and boot-up screen round out this complete package.

Crucially the SL66 is 14% lighter than a stock Ego 6, and 0.2” shorter in height.


NEW – Exclusive Light-Weight Parts to SL66:

SL66 Frame
SL66 Trigger
SL66 Front Cap
SL66 On/off purge
SL66 Front Regulator Mount
SL66 Swivel In-Line Regulator
SL66 Front LPR Cap
SL66 Bolt
SL66 XSV Machined Body
SL66 XSV Navigation Console

Other Parts:

Nexus Style Eye Covers
Ego 6 Board
6 Firing Modes
Shaft 2-piece Barrel
C-Lever Clamping Feed

Retail Price: $1895 USD

Larger Images
Ego Sl66 Bushwacker Edition in the Box

Ego Sl66 Bushwacker Edition in the Box # 2

Ego Sl66 Bushwacker Edition in the Box # 3

Ego Sl66 Bushwacker Edition – Up Close

Ego Sl66 Bushwacker Edition – Up Closer

Check out our Gallery for larger images.

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Tippmann :: Introduces Highly-Customizable X7 Marker

by on Nov.23, 2006, under Articles, Markers, News, Press Releases

Tippmann Sports has introduced a revolutionary new product, which is being called “the most customizable paintball marker ever manufactured.” The new marker is the very first product Tippmann has developed in conjunction with Special Ops Paintball. The standard, out-of-the-box configuration of the Tippmann X-7 includes an AR-15 styled magazine with built-in storage compartment, adjustable rear site, modular shroud and a receiver with military-spec Picatinny rails. The X7 is also field strippable and was designed around the proven inline bolt design incorporated into other Tippmann models.

Tippmann X7

“The X7 features a magnesium receiver, which offers the durability of aluminum, but is 20 percent lighter,” said Dennis Tippmann, Jr., senior vice president of research and development for Tippmann Sports. “It also incorporates an enhanced Cyclone Feed System that can feed more than 20 balls-per-second and a new low profile, offset hopper, which provides a clear sightline down the top of the marker. Plus, the X7 is the first marker to feature an air-through stock compatible system, which makes it easy to move the gas line to the back of the marker for better maneuverability and a more realistic appearance.”

“We’re excited about all of the first-time innovations the X7 incorporates, but for most players, it’s really the marker’s customization that will get their immediate attention,” said Patrick Ehren, vice president of sales and marketing for Tippmann Sports. “Through our partnership with S.O., the X7 is being launched in conjunction with more than 30 different integrated mods making it easy to give the marker thousands of different looks. With the X7, players will be able to enjoy the ultimate woodsball experience knowing that their markers have a totally unique appearance and, more importantly, are customized to fit their specific needs.”

The mods to be introduced with the Tippmann X-7 include a full array of performance stocks, magazines, shrouds and sights, created exclusively for the new marker. Other performance upgrades to be available include an integrated Flatline Barrel System option and a new E-Grip with external Select Fire mode selection.

“In many respects, this was a dream assignment for our team,” said Greg Bishop, general manager for Special Ops Paintball. “It was fun to finally be involved in the design of a marker from the very beginning. And, everyone at Special Ops is excited to have worked with Tippmann to bring this groundbreaking new product to market. There’s no question that that X7 offers exactly what today’s serious woodsball players have been waiting for a high performance, dependable and customizable marker that will clearly set them apart in the field.”

Tippmann X7

To help players gain a better understanding of the many available looks of the X7, Tippmann will be adding a new X7 builder to its Web site. The builder will allow consumers to view all available performance upgrades and mods and select their favorite options. A completely customized X7 marker will then be created on-screen using the information provided. Finally, the MSRP of the marker built will be provided along with a list of Tippmann dealers so players can select from all nearby retailers.

“We felt it was important for players to see first-hand just how customizable the X7 really is,” Ehren added. “Offering our consumers an opportunity to build their own marker online really gets them involved in the process and allows us to provide them exactly what they’re looking for. There aren’t a lot of products available-in any industry-that offer this level of personalization.”

The X7 from Tippmann Sports and Special Ops Paintball is being manufactured at Tippmann’s Fort Wayne, Ind. headquarters and will be available for retail shipment in late November 2006. The basic marker will carry an MSRP of $329. Prices for the customized markers will vary based on the upgrades and modifications selected.

For additional details regarding the X7 or the recently formed alliance between Tippmann Sports and Special Ops Paintball, please call 1-800-533-4831 or visit

Proudly celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2006, Tippmann Sports is dedicated to quality manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting edge technology and design. The company serves the growing paintball and Airsoft industries from its corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, Ind. Tippmann Sports’ complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

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RAP4 :: T68 AK47 Paintball Gun

by on Oct.19, 2006, under Articles, Markers

T68 AK47 Paintball Gun shoots . 68 caliber paintball, made completely out of metal, it is powerful and the best bad guy weapon for paintball ever made.

T68 AK47 Paintball Gun

The Kalashnikov AK-47 is the most widely used assault rifle in the world; we’ve taken its classic lines and melded them with the powerhouse T68 internals to create the T68 AK47 for scenario paintball and military training. The T68 AK47 is designed as the “opposing force” weapon to enhance military combat training, and for when you just want to play a bad guy for the weekend.

The T68 AK47 features the same inherent reliability and durability of our T68 line, by virtue of being made almost completely of metal. It weighs 6.4 lbs with an overall length of 35 inches, and to replicate the real deal, the buttstock, pistol grip and handguard are made of wood—the T68 AK47 is made to take a beating.

The T68 AK47 can be powered by CO2 or compressed air and it is compatible with any size air tank or cylinder. The T68 AK47 shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs and uses a standard hopper. It has an adjustable velocity range of 200-400 fps, with a maximum range of 300 feet and effective range at 150 feet.

With these features, the T68 AK47 is an outstanding paintball marker for scenario players and for those you need reliable and durable gear; and best of all, the T68 AK47 is the best combat training simulations tool for OpFor.

Key features include:
– All metal construction
– Wood buttstock, pistol grip and handguard
– Simple to operate and easy to maintain
– Reliable and durable
– .68 caliber
– Adjustable velocity of 200-400 fps
– Maximum range at 300 feet
– Effective range at 150 feet

T68 AK47 Paintball Gun

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