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RAP4 :: AK47 Magazine for Tippmann® 98®

by on Aug.24, 2016, under Accessories, Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

This Tippmann 98 magazine kit is one of the best available that turns your Tippmann 98 to look like a true AK47 assault rifle. The kit is easy to install and compatible with Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann 98 Custom Pro.

AK47 Magazine for Tippmann® 98®

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Tippmann :: 98 Custom Service Update

by on Sep.01, 2006, under Articles, Markers, News, Press Releases

It has come to our attention that some 98 Customs and 98 Custom Pros made earlier this year (serial numbers for 98 Custom are 978,401-1,091,000; serial numbers for 98 Custom Pro are 32,601-49,400) may have been manufactured with a sear spring that was not within normal performance standards.

A marker with a sub-standard spring may experience pre-mature wear of the rear bolt and sear mechanism causing the bolt to continuously actuate (sounds like your tank is out of air). We believe this performance issue is primarily found in markers with response triggers (RT) and electronic grips (E-Grips), but the issue may arise in markers with a stock trigger.

Tippmann has a long history of manufacturing high quality, reliable products and we truly apologize for any performance issues and inconvenience players may have encountered. Our goal is to repair any marker that may have experienced this situation and get you back on the playing field as soon as possible. Please contact Tippmann’s customer service department at 1-800-533-4831 if you are experiencing this problem for appropriate handling of your repair.

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RAP4 :: Tippmann Trigger Response System

by on Jul.15, 2006, under Accessories, Articles

The response trigger is a drop-in kit for the 98 Custom. The response trigger kit increases your trigger speed by resetting the trigger and sear with excess gas during firing.

This gas is used to operate a cylinder behind the trigger to do the resetting. The pressure of your finger on the trigger pulls it back to fire the next shot. The speed is determined by the amount of flow through the knurled adjuster on the side. The upper limit on the rate of fire is set by this adjuster.

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