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Tippmann :: Expands Popular Airsoft Line

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As a follow up to last year’s successful launch of the company’s first-ever line of Airsoft guns and accessories, Tippmann Sports is introducing a variety of new products for 2007, including an entry level spring-operated pistol, two new CO2-powered pistols, two new “green gas” pistols, four new electric machine guns and two automatic electric rifles (AEG’s). These new guns offer the same heavyweight construction and reliable performance that helped Tippmann’s initial Airsoft products connect with consumers across the country and quickly established the company as a serious player in the increasingly popular category.

“Without question, Airsoft players have responded favorably to the combination of durability, feel and value that can be found in all Tippmann-branded products,” said Patrick Ehren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tippmann Sports. “As anticipated when entering the category last year through a strategic alliance with Palco Sports, Airsoft has provided a wonderful opportunity to extend the unmatched reputation Tippmann has gained as a leader in paintball for more than 20 years.”

Tippmann’s Airsoft products are geared to players at various levels of experience. All of the company’s spring pistols feature a high capacity fast-fill magazine with a lock-down mechanism for trouble free filling, an open breach for easy cleaning, a replaceable Fiber Optic site for improved aiming in an array of light conditions and an easy-to-use safety. New to the line of 2007, the X-200 is an entry-level pistol, which features a realistic look and feel, incorporates a flat line “hop-up” system for longer, straighter shots and comes standard with a bonus speedloader for fast and accurate refilling.

The company’s remaining spring-loaded line includes the heavier K-200 and T-200 pistols as well as the popular SG-200 machine gun and SP-200 pump-action shotgun, which were part of Tippmann’s initial Airsoft offering and can shoot BBs up to 350 feet-per-second.

The four new electric machine guns being launched by the company this year incorporate a variety of standard features. The M4-700 offers a retractable stock and numerous add-on accessories, including a red-dot site, flashlight, silencer and shoulder sling. It also incorporates an easy load, vertical feed system that can hold as many as 600 BBs for uninterrupted firing. Tippmann’s new M5-700 offers a magazine-feed system, a variety of realistic add-on accessories and a fixed stock for a solid feel.

For players seeking additional firepower, Tippmann is introducing two new electric machine guns, which can fire up to 300 feet-per-second. The G6-700 incorporates a folding stock and numerous add-on accessories, while the new F9-700 features a magazine-feed system that can fire up to 350 feet-per-second. The new XT-800 is an all black full-size XM style machine gun with a high capacity 250-round magazine. The company’s new M4-400 also features a 250 round, high-capacity magazine and can compete against other machine guns that retail for twice the price.

To round out its expanded Airsoft line, Tippmann is also introducing two new CO2 pistols and two green gas pistols. The company’s CO2 additions include the R-400 and the I-400. Both models mimic the look of popular pistols and allow players to shoot as many as 150 BBs with a single CO2 cannister. Tippmann’s new green gas pistols represent an incredible value – both the K-600 and T-600 will retail for almost half the cost of the company’s existing green gas line and feature interchangeable magazines that can accept either green gas or CO2.

“Before expanding our Airsoft line for 2007, we took a close look at the market and listened carefully to our customers,” Ehren added. “By doing so, we were able to introduce new guns that position us to serve a larger percentage of the Airsoft market – from those just seeking a little backyard fun, to more serious players who regularly participate in organized games at fields around the world.”

Tippmann’s newest Airsoft products will be available at paintball specialty and sporting goods outlets at a variety of price points. For additional details, please call the company at 1-800-533-4831 or simply visit

Tippmann Sports, a leading manufacturer of high-performance paintball markers, is dedicated to quality manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology and design. The company serves the growing paintball and Airsoft industries from its corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tippmann Sports’ complete line of paintball markers and accessories can be found at mass retail and sporting goods outlets as well as paintball stores and fields throughout the world.

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RAP4 :: Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings

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– reusable – over 1000 times
– biodegradable ( in 10 years )

Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings

Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings (bag of 500)
Reusable Airsoft BB Shell Casings (bag of 1000)

Brass / Casing / Shell Catcher Reuse the shells with this shell catcher

NO mess and you don’t have to pick them up – keep it clean!

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RAP4 :: RAP4 Airsoft Gen2

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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of RAP4 Airsoft Gen2 the next generation of realistic war games and combat training: RAP4 Airsoft Systems and Kits. These systems have a waterproof, tough, all-metal construction, making them both reliable and powerful. Never before have such high-quality, high-performing systems been available at such an affordable price.

What makes these systems different? Regular Airsoft products are battery operated, so the moment they get wet or a little moisture gets into the housing, your training or game is over. Also, regular Airsoft products are normally manufactured out of plastic unless you willing to pay for an expensive upgrade.

On the other side, standard paintball guns have their own set of potential difficulties. They are typically bulky, and make use of ammunition that immediately changes shape and becomes unusable when exposed to moisture.

Conversely, RAP4 Airsoft Systems have a all-metal construction, giving them the weight and feel of a standard, real-world assault rifle. They are also waterproof, meaning your training or game will be able to continue under any weather or environmental condition. RAP4 Airsoft Systems can even be completely submerged in water and still be fully operable. Additionally, these systems are capable of taking any standard attachments or modifications (sight, scope, mount, etc.).

RAP4 Airsoft Systems use CO2 or compress air to operate and are capable of putting out more than 400 feet-per-second of power, providing groupings of 7 inches at over 50 yards. This level of power and accuracy – not to mention dependability and durability – will take your training and war games to a whole new level.

The RAP4 Airsoft is the first Airsoft system that ejects shell casings after each shot. The RAP4 Airsoft shoots .236 caliber 6mm) BBs. The projectiles are loaded into a shell casing that fits in the detachable twenty round magazines, and actually ejects out the side of the gun – just like the M4 rifle.

The RAP4 Airsoft is a select-fire airgun capable or semi or automatic shooting. It can be powered by 45g refillable or 45g disposable co2 cylinders conveniently hidden inside the butt stock. For law enforcement training, the RAP4 Airsoft is a training tool that can be used on a dynamic moving target rather than a static target and in a live scenario environment for added realism.

For owners of RAP4 paintball markers, a RAP4 Airsoft conversion kit is available! The kit allows all previous RAP4 versions to be converted to shoot the BBs. The conversion kit is simple to install with no permanent modification, and you can do it yourself in less than 2 minutes. The RAP4 Airsoft kit uses the standard RAP4 magazine so you can use the magazines you already own!

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RAP4 :: Proud to announce the AirFin

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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release the RAP4 Airfin for RAP4 Generation 2 Airsoft guns. The RAP4 Airfin is the first BB that is aerodynamically designed for long-range targets.

The RAP4 Airfin is 6mm in diameter, 11mm long and weighs .19 grams. Designed for Airsoft gaming, it gives players better accuracy and increased distance to engage opponents while you’re safely out of their range!

Each RAP4 Airfin is loaded in a shell casing to feed into the RAP4 from the 20 round detachable magazine; the shell casing ejects out of the gun just like a real M4!

RAP4 Airfin BBs are designed for long-range shooting. Four fins stabilize each BB in flight, just like a torpedo, so they glide through the air for the maximum distant possible. The head of the RAP4 Airfin is oval to reduce wind resistance for increased accuracy.

RAP4 Airfin is the first of its kind, and gives Airsoft players the edge for wining battles! These fin-stabilized BBs take Airsoft to a new level of realism: realistic magazine capacity, shell casing ejection after each shot, and extreme accuracy.

RAP4 Airfin will change how Airsoft games are played, and take your sport to the next level of fun, realism, and excitement.

RAP4 Airfin–available in September 2006 through and fine retail locations.

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RAP4 :: How to load a Magazine with Airsoft BBs

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This RAP4 BB/Pellet conversion kit allows all previous RAP4 versions to be converted to shoot the BB’s and pellets. The conversion kit is simple to install with no permanent modification, and you can do it yourself in less than 5 minutes. The RAP4 BB/Pellet kit uses the standard RAP4 magazine so you can use the magazines you already own!

Here’s how to load the magazine with BB’s. (Please refer to image)

1. Insert a BB to BB Casing.

2. Load BB into magazine with the BB side face the Barrel.

Click on image to enlarge

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