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RAP4 :: RAP74 1-to-1 Scale Replica AK-74 Paintball Gun

by on Feb.07, 2007, under Articles, Markers

RAP74 is the first “enemy” fire arm in the Real Action Paintball product line. Designed with 1-to-1 scale to accurately replicate the Kalashnikov AK-74, the most widely used assault rifle in the world, this RAP marker satisfies the many requests received from military and police agencies for an “opposing force” weapon to enhance their training combat training simulations.

1-to-1 scale to accurately replicate the Kalashnikov AK-74

The RAP4 AK74 is designed with the new Military Enhance Training System (METS). The new METS technology provides outstanding power and accuracy, propelling a paintball marking round over 70 yards with the muzzle velocity of 400 feet per second. The METS technology also provides two additional features that makes the weapon perform with much more realism. First, the marker needs to be cocked after each magazine reload, mimicking the standard operation of real-word firearms, and second, the marker ceases to operate when the magazine is emptied.

These features make for ideal training as they are tools to enhance an operator’s muscle memory in high-stress environments. The METS design is far superior to all previous releases with more reliability, more accuracy, and more power, and makes training as real as possible.

Other key features include:
– Adjustable for semi- or fully-automatic fire
– Ambidextrous rate-of-fire selector switch
– Shell casings are ejected after each shot
– Clip-fed 25 round magazine
– Can be fully submerged in water
– Velocity of 350 fps to 450 fps (adjustable)
– All metal construction
– Air power source hidden inside the butt stock
– Simple to operate and easy to maintain

With all of these things to off, the new RAP74 takes its place among the RAP4 product line as the final ingredient for a complete training solution. Since the RAP74 has more power, it works best with the new made in U.S.A. .43 caliber paintball. The new paintball yield the best performance with its new gelatin formula. These paintballs are formulated to work with the increased power of the RAP74

Package includes:
1x RAP74 marker
1x Magazine
1x 45g CO2 Cylinder (optional flexi-air system)
1x Permanently Glazed Orange Muzzle
1x Cleaning Kit
1x Tool Kit
1x Marker Oil
1x Manual and warranty
1x 250c RAP4 Paintball


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