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Dye M2 Paintball Marker

by on Sep.12, 2017, under Markers

Limited Edition 1/50 DYE M2 Paintball Marker with MOS Air Upgrade Kit Installed.

  • DYEnamic Wireless charger and tech mat included, eVOKE system ready out of the box (sold separately).
  • Method Operating System with Prism Interface, over 1 million player profile options to fine tune your marker to your exact preferences.
  • New Hyper 5 Regulator, signature DYE hourglass shaped Ultralite Frame, DYE Sticky Grips, internal pressure sensors, Quick Release Fuse Bolt design, and a Magnetic Reach Trigger.
  • Two Ultralite Barrel Backs (.684 & .688), compression formed hard case, DYE Multi-Tool, slick lube, and barrel sock included in addition to the MOS Air kit.

DYE M2 MOSair Paintball Marker – Limited Edition Black/Gray/Lime Splash

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RAP4 :: Tippmann 98 21 Inch Sniper Barrel

by on Feb.07, 2007, under Articles, Barrels

This is a destructive sniper barrel for the your marker. With this barrel your marker becomes a deadly piece of weaponry on the field. The inside of the barrel has rigid all around in a straight projection. The paintball never touches the barrel, just the rigid. Add this barrel on your marker and you will increase your kill like never before. If you are a sniper, this is the barrel that you will fall in love with.

Tippmann 98 21 inch Sniper Barrel

If you are a sniper, this is the barrel that you will fall in love with.

Tippmann 98 21 inch Sniper Barrel

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RAP4 :: Spyder Hammerhead Barrel

by on Aug.10, 2006, under Articles, Barrels

The Barrel is The Most Technologically Advanced Paintball Barrel in the Industry.

Our purpose was to develop a paintball barrel to achieve strict accuracy and guarantee a 99% ball break for law enforcement for pepper balls.

Barrel Testing

Our engineers undertook the task of developing a barrel specifically designed for paintball to meet the players strict requirements. Existing Technology could not meet their needs. Test results showed some of the same principles in ht e rifle industry applied to paintball but key difference existed due to the liquid and ball characteristics.

Key Findings of Hammerhead

“Degree of Twist” of rifling is critical to accuracy

“Accuracy” and downfeld sound transmission is positively effected by reverse porting

“Reverse Porting” is critical for proper ball regeneration

“Reduced Sound Levels” transmitted downrange

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