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Redz International :: Announces High-Efficiency Bolt for the ION

by on Jun.17, 2006, under Accessories, Articles

Redz International, a leader in supplying high-quality paintball products ergonomically designed for the sport of paintball, announces an addition to its 2007 line in the form of a new, high-efficiency bolt for the Ion.

The bolt increases air efficiency, reduces the overall weight of the Ion, and boosts performance in several noticeable areas:

WEIGHT: The Redz Ion bolt is 11.4 grams lighter than the stock bolt. This translates to a quicker cycling time, less recoil and less air required to push the bolt back and forth.

CONSTRUCTION: The Redz Ion bolt is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and is hard-anodized, making it rugged and long-lasting.

AERODYNAMICS: Designed with high-flow air porting, which requires less air pressure, and a lower dwell. The dwell in an Ion can be reduced from the default setting of 50, down to between 20 and 25. The forward chamber is also hollowed out so paint is hit with a cushion of air, which will distort the ball less, leading to a more accurate shot, and less paint breakage.

AIR SEAL: Multiple O-Rings in the rear of the bolt allow for a better air seal, and less leakage when the Ion is fired. Redz also incorporated the best o-rings money can buy – they’re made of neoprene, which lasts longer than other o-rings commonly found elsewhere.

All of these factors combine into a bolt that is a “must-have” upgrade for any Ion owner who is looking for greater performance, less weight, and a more accurate shot. Players will get better performance out of their Ion, using less air, which will let them play for longer. The Redz Ion Bolt is available for purchase.

About Redz International

Redz International has shifted into high gear, arriving at the next level with a new standard of quality for paintball equipment. Redz products are designed for the entry-level player all the way to the seasoned professional, and continually demonstrate that comfort, quality and style are a winning recipe. View all of Redz International’s products online via its newly designed web presence at or call 1-877-873-3432 for more information.

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Smart Parts :: Releases the new Firebolt & the new 360 QEV

by on Apr.12, 2006, under Accessories, Articles, News, Press Releases

Smart Parts is proud to release the all new Red Firebolt (upgrade) designed for the Smart Parts ION and the SP-8. This is a redesigned and milled bolt, weighing in at only 0.6 ounces it is much lighter then the stock bolt offers an impressive 47 percent reduction in mass!

It’s new internal air chambers allow increased air storage space (about 0.19 cubic inches) in the ION’s fire chamber. Which enables the operating pressure to be decreased by 15psi whilst keeping the velocity at a constant. It also improves accuracy, increases efficiency and reduces the gun’s recoil.



– Reduced Weight

– Super Airflow

– Super Efficient

– Open Face

– Reduces Kick to a minimum

The Firebolt makes the ION and SP-8 faster, lighter, and quieter–the kind of innovation you expect from people who play the game and believe that equipment counts.

The 360 QEV (Quick Exhaust Valve) that swivels 360 degrees for installation at any angle. The 360 QEV also increases cycle rates and shots per tank (gas efficiency), it increases the ION’s bolt speed, while decreasing dwell and input pressure. Allowing faster rates of fire.

To learn more about the Firebolt, 360 QEV and other Smart Parts products, visit your local Smart Parts dealer or

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