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RAP4 :: M-4 Carbine (Automag)

by on Feb.02, 2007, under Articles, Markers

“What the…?” and “holy mother, where did you get that?” are what you will hear when you take Real Action Paintball’s custom marker M-4 Carbine (Automag) to a game at your local paintball field. Other players will drop their jaws and practically beg you to play on their teams. Your opponents will out look at you with fear and intimidation, and that’s already half the battle. Don’t consider getting one of Real Action Paintball’s custom markers unless you are prepared to get lots of attention.

Custom Replica M-4 Carbine (Automag)

1. Comes with 4 X 25 telescopic crosshair scope.
2. Telescoping stock slides in and out and locks in four positions.
3. Raised sight rail.
4. The replica is constructed using a brand new Airgun Designs Automag Classic paintgun.
5. Metal magazine is securely mounted and may be used as a vertical grip.
6. Smart Parts All American 16″ barrel.
7. Comes with:
* Toolkit
* Airgun Designs owner’s manual and video tape

Custom Replica M-4 Carbine (Automag)

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RAP4 :: M-4 WMD ( Spyder )

by on Jun.26, 2006, under Articles, Markers

M-4 WMD ( Spyder )


1. Replica suppressor (non-functional).

2. Comes with scope rail, rings and 4 X 28 optical crosshair scope.

3. Flat top Weaver rail receiver with removable M-4 carry-handle.

4. Comes with dual magazine clamp and spare magazine (fake bullets not included).

5. Comes with handguard mounted bottom Picitinny rail with tactical flashlight and mount and vertical handle.

6. 16″ Barrel.

7. Telescoping stock slides in and out and locks in four positions.

8. The replica is constructed using a brand-new Kingman Spyder paintgun.

Comes with:

-Tool Kit

-Kingman Spyder owners manual

-Disassembly instructions

Available Options:

Electronic Trigger for Full-auto

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