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RAP4 :: AK47 Magazine for Tippmann® 98®

by on Aug.24, 2016, under Accessories, Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

This Tippmann 98 magazine kit is one of the best available that turns your Tippmann 98 to look like a true AK47 assault rifle. The kit is easy to install and compatible with Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann 98 Custom Pro.

AK47 Magazine for Tippmann® 98®

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Paintball Sports Magazine

by on Dec.26, 2006, under Articles, Magazines & Books

Paintball Sports Magazine contains articles and photos that capture the essence of the sport of paintball at every level, from the woods to the tournament fields. It provides in-depth coverage of the hottest people, players, products and events, while increasing the general public s awareness of the sport.

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Paintball 2 Xtremes :: Magazine

by on Dec.25, 2006, under Articles, Magazines & Books

Magazine containing tournament coverage, scenario game coverage, new player information, team and tournament gossip, tech tips on various gear, hundreds of full color photos, and much more.

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NPPL :: Online Paintball Magazine

by on Dec.20, 2006, under Articles, Magazines & Books, News, Press Releases and the NPPL come to an agreement to allow Xhaled to become the official NPPL Video On Demand site, providing content for the internet, mobile phones, and portable devices. Xhaled will offer original programming as well as allow users to upload and share there own paintball videos.

The first show Xhaled is offering is “This Week In Paintball” a bi-weekly information show based on the world of paintball dedicated to the NPPL. It launched its first episode mid November, 2006. It achieved over 15,000 views in 7 days with simple word of mouth marketing.
Xhaled’s first episode of “This Week In Paintball” featured;

• “The College Minute”, reporting on the college scores from the Orange County Commanders Cup.
• “Industry News” informing the paintball community of Chuck Hench’s move back to JT/WGP from NPPL.
• “Tournament News” spotlighting the infamous game #3 from the Commanders Cup, including interviews from Dynasty players and a Joy Division.
• “5 Ways to… tell you’re addicted to paintball” hosted by famous tech and Stoned Assassin coach Jingle Rapiz (who will be a regular host on the show).
• “This Week In Paintball” is hosted by Jasmine Vo formerly of the NPPL and Michael “Coolassmike” Bowers from / Stoned Assassins.
The second episode was released late November and has reached an average of approximately 1 view every 14 seconds since its release.

Upcoming already shot episodes include the annual NPPL meeting November 29, 2006 and an exclusive in-depth profile on “BReal” and the “Stoned Assassins”.

Xhaled is producing 4 more shows that also started production in November 2006.

1. Tech Talk- a regular tech show on all things paintball and some things related.
2. “Undercover” A show spotlighting 1 new team a month split up into 4 shows over 4 weeks.
3. Chalk Talk- A show with pro players and coach’s discussing the game and techniques.
4. Paintball LIFE-A Show spotlighting the lifestyle of paintball. Everything from practice to tournaments with celebrity and pro guest host and music in the background.

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