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Millenium Series :: Signs TV Deal

by on Jul.10, 2006, under News, Press Releases, Tournaments

Millennium Series LTD and are pleased to announce the signing of a broadcast deal with AkimboT Systems, creator of the world’s largest Internet video-on-demand service for television, based in San Mateo, California.

Through this new deal, productions of Millennium European Paintball Series events will be available all over the US market to Akimbo Service subscribers.

Paintball will get its own channel, where productions of Millennium Series paintball tournaments will be available.

« We are pleased to bring Millennium Series paintball movies to Akimbo, the leader in helping content companies of all sizes distribute their videos via Internet video-on-demand. We have been working hard to bring paintball to broader audiences, and the deal with Akimbo is a great step forward not only for paintball in general but also for the Millennium Series tournament visibility », stated Laurent Hamet, President of Millennium Series LTD. production company added « Akimbo is an innovative company and we are pleased to add paintball titles to its extensive video collection. Millennium Series movies will be available on Akimbo for Media Center 2005 as well as on the upcoming RCA Akimbo Player VOD set-top box and the AT&T Homezone entertainment service » said Mathieu Luquet, General Manager. productions of the Millennium Series paintball tournaments will be available on the Akimbo Service in the fall.

« Akimbo is pleased to have’s Millennium Series LTD paintball tournaments added to our diverse catalogue of world sports videos, one of the most popular categories in our collection, » said Akimbo CEO Josh Goldman. « Akimbo will help and Millennium Series LTD reach newer and bigger audiences for this high-quality, action-packed content. »

Akimbo subscribers enjoy the freedom to choose from a growing collection of 12 000 titles delivered over the internet for viewing on TV, on-demand. Akimbo ‘s collection of original, niche and mainstream content spans more than 100 categories, including indie flicks, TV shows, concerts, music videos, comedy, Major League Baseball games, travelogues, how-to programming, foreign language content, classic movies, documentaries, video blogs and more.

Consumers can sign up for a free trial of the Akimbo Service through the

Online Spotlight area of Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 Pcs. A

subscription to Akimbo costs $9.99 a month. To subscribe or find more

information about what’s on Akimbo, please visit

For more information on Millennium European Paintball Series, please visit

For more information on paintball movies, please visit

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Millennium Series :: Press Release Air Incident Madrid

by on Jun.27, 2006, under News, Press Releases, Tournaments

The Millennium are pleased to announce the following information, following an extensive investigation by ourselves and Hpac.

Hpac in conjunction with bottle manufactures and other manufacturing companies and ourselves have carried out an intensive and detailed investigation into the bottle and reg explosion in Madrid. They concluded that there was no failure in either the regulator or the bottle and that the incident occurred due to the misuse of a butane and oil mix sprayed into the regulator prior to filling which cased the mixture to ignite on filling and resulted in the bottle and regulator detaching. We believe that it should be pointed out that the player responsible for the action was not injured and left the scene and has not come forward.

Below is an extract from Hpacs report

“After contact with the manufacturer STAKO we asked many questions and asked for test procedures for the cylinders in use, we received the information yesterday and after close inspection we have no reason to believe these cylinders are not safe to use and adhere to all relevant criteria and the failure was down to player miss-use and the adding of oil to the regulator prior to filling, the burst pressures during test are far above working pressures, some failed at 1238 bar which gives us a 4:1 safety margin.”

The result of this enquiry has concluded that it is safe to fill bottles as before. We have however concluded that we must educate the players more and implement greater safety awareness and procedures so as to prevent such an incident from happening again. Starting in Paris all players will be required to sign an information sheet containing all necessary safety information and safe practice , also all bottles and regs will be subject to greater scrutiny and security stickers with will attached to each system . Removal of these during any millennium event will result in the elimination of that player for the rest of the event and the team will have to continue the event with one less player on the field .

We the Millennium and Hpac feel that these new measures are necessary to protect the safety of our customers the players , our staff and members of the public and we hope that you will all appreciate that we have moved swiftly to investigate and to take such measures that the investigation has proved are required. We do not expect these new measures to have any impact on the smooth running of the event or to the enjoyment of the game and can only help prove that paintball as a sport is a responsible and mature.

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Millennium Series 2006 :: 7 MAN Paintball World Cup Team registration open

by on Feb.03, 2006, under Events, News, Press Releases, Tournaments

The Millennium Series is pleased to announce that team registration for the 7MAN PAINTBALL WORLD CUP is open at

The event will take place on Prado Beach.

In the heart of downtown Marseille, Prado Beach is located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world with a 36-hectares open park.

There is a limited number of places:

M7-CPL locked at 16 teams.

Div 1 – Div 2 – Div3 capped at 140 teams

M5 capped at 56 teams

For additional information on the Millennium Series, please visit

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Millennium Series 2006 :: The new season is coming

by on Jan.24, 2006, under Events, News, Press Releases, Tournaments

The new season is coming The Millennium Series once again will take a major leap forward next year. The first and most far reaching change is the total merger of the Millennium Series with all the events. This will mean that all promoters will work on all events together with a full time professional team to produce a series that will far and away the best in the world.

Shortly we will be announcing a brand new format change for Champions League, the locking of Division 1 at the end of 06 and the creation of a new division aimed at bringing in truly new rookie teams.

We have been meeting all year to ensure that we are ready and able to achieve everything we planned. To this end we can already announce our 2006 Calendar, which is;

7 Man World Cup On the Beach

Marseille South France

24th to 26th March

Max Masters

Bitburg, Germany

21st to 23rd April

Iberian Cup

Malaga Beach, Madrid

2nd to 4th June

Disney Resort


7th to 9th July

Campaign Cup Crystal Palace Stadium London


1st to 3rd September

We will also shortly be announcing the dates and locations of a series of Millennium 5 man events.

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Millenium Series 2006 format and structure

by on Jan.24, 2006, under Events, News, Press Releases, Tournaments

It is a great pleasure for us to inform you of the new and dynamic format and structure for the Millennium 2006 events.

Firstly you may or not know that the Millennium is no longer a collective of 5 independent promoters, we have now restructured the board to create a single company responsible for all Millennium events which will result in a more professional and productive structure.

The formation of a new format replacing division 4 with will be known as M5.

This new format will be:

– 5 man

– 500€ entry fee

– minimum 12 games

– played Saturday and Sunday only

This new M5 format is designed to enable local 5 man teams to participate and enjoy the atmosphere at any of the Millennium events they have previously been unable to attend due to cost and difficulty in having 7 players available for the 3 days.

Division 1,2,3 will continue on 7 man format as in 2005, with a view to moving to the new and exciting M7 (Champion’s Paintball League format ) in 2007.

M7 format.

This new and dynamic format has been created by taking the best features from all previous competition formats to produce a format that is exciting for both players to play and for spectators to watch. The main considerations for this new format were economical and more importantly a format which can be played throughout the world as an industry standard from Asia to America.

In brief, M7 will be a match play format with teams playing 3 prelim matches. Each match will take a maximum of 15 minutes playing time or the 1st team who achieve 5 wins.

After presenting our new M7 format to the sixteen champion’s league team captains we are very pleased to announce their unanimous support at being the first to play M7.

Pete Robinson captain and owner of Nexus London said :-“After being presented with the new M7 CPL, I’m looking forward to being part of this new era of European paintball. This new type format will I believe pave the way for it being adopted across the world and will once again put the European paintball tournament scene at the forefront of World Paintball. I think the Millennium Board have responded to what was needed and what was being asked of them, and in this sense, it’s a huge step forward and a harbinger of things to come for both the European player and team. We are now seeing the first real steps along the World unification path; it had to be done, Europe needed it, paintball needed it; the Millennium have begun the process with a brave and innovative initiative”

The Millennium board

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