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Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun Marker

by on Nov.21, 2017, under Articles, Markers

The all new Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun Marker  was made for the player that loved the RSX but needed a little more gun for the game. Improvements include the all new XL Freak Barrel, Extended Frame for improved accuracy, more efficient bolt system (100 shots more than the RSX), larger hardware for ease of operation, sealed electronics for improved reliability, insanely responsive trigger and fast eject bolt system.

  • All new XL Freak Barrel System with one .687″ Insert
  • Extended Frame (Longer than the RSX) for Improved Accuracy and Handling
  • High Efficiency Bolt System (Get ~100 more shots compared to the RSX)
  • Larger Hardware for Ease of Operation, Sealed Electronics for Improved Reliability
  • Insanely Responsive Snappy Trigger and Fast Eject Bolt System

Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS Paintball Gun Marker (Dust White)

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.43 Caliber Paintball Bag (Bag 1000) (White)

by on Aug.24, 2016, under Articles, Other Gear

Introducing our new .43 Caliber Paintballs. These new paintballs use the same high-quality AG1 Paintball formula that makes our .68 caliber paint work so well!

Based on the AG1 Paintball formula, these new paintballs yield peak performance to work in all markers under all conditions of use. The AG1 formula strengthens the shell and helps prevent chamber breaks. This also helps standardize their size, improving accuracy, functionality, and reliability.

.43 Caliber Paintball Bag (Bag 1000) (White)

This new and improved paintball will aid military and law enforcement agencies in their training with RAP4 tactical markers—real world solutions for training and sporting situations. High quality equipment—RAP4 markers with RAP4 paint—makes for high quality training and gaming.

The RAP4 .43 caliber paintballs are best for use with RAP17, RAP4, RAP5, RAP226, RAP47 and T16, and will work well in any .43 caliber marker.

The new .43 caliber paintballs are made especially for RAP4 by a manufacturer here in the U.S.A.! These are the best paintballs in the market today!

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RAP4 :: Airow Gun Paintball Bow

by on Aug.15, 2016, under Articles, Markers, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

The Airowgun is the latest in paintball technology. It is the only bow-powered paintball marker in the world today. Deadly accurate and ultra-quiet because of air push physics. Outranges most other paintball markers by nearly 30 feet. The Airowgun by itself mounts to most compound and recurve bows with aluminum risers. Even better no use of CO2 or compressed air.

Airow Gun Paintball Bow

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