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T68 Extreme Sniper with 3-12×50 Scope Kit

by on Sep.12, 2017, under Markers

Model: RAP4450
Shipping Weight: 14lbs

T68 Extreme Sniper with 3-12×50 Scope Kit

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RAP4 :: AK47 Gun with 40MM Grenade Launcher Package

by on Feb.07, 2007, under Articles, Markers, Tactical Gear

The new 40mm Grenade Launcher, this amazing new tool is designed for the AK47-style markers, or as a standalone unit. This is the first 40mm Grenade Launcher-style unit designed for AK47-style paintball markers!

AK-47 Paintball Gun with 40mm Grenade Launcher

The 40mm Grenade Launcher comes in two versions: one for standard .68 paintball markers, and the other, .43 caliber paintball markers. The .68 caliber version can be mounted on all .68 caliber AK47 look-a-like paintball markers!

The 40mm Grenade Launcher is made of aircraft aluminum with a functional trigger and safety switch. It also has an adjustable sight—it’s externally the spittin’ image of the real thing! They are solidly built and made to last, and RAP4 fans take heart: it’s compatible with all Thunder Grenade cartridges!

AK-47 Paintball Gun with 40mm Grenade Launcher

The 40mm Grenade Launcher is designed to take paintball to the next level of realism! For games with tanks or “rocket launcher rules,” get their special-color paint and prove you took out that tank with a “grenade!” Take ‘em out with the 40mm Grenade Launcher!

This is especially for the opposing force—when you want to play OpFor in realistic scenarios—so you can have a little more fun playing the bad guy. The 40mm Grenade Launcher is the first grenade launcher that is compatible with the AK47 style paintball makers, to help the bag guys enjoy the game and to give the opposing team a real challenge.

This is the .43 caliber version, it is compatible with all .43 caliber markers

This package includes:
– 1 x RAP4 AK47 ( more info )
– 1 x 40MM Grenade Launcher ( more info )

AK-47 Paintball Gun with 40mm Grenade Launcher

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RAP4 :: RAP74 1-to-1 Scale Replica AK-74 Paintball Gun

by on Feb.07, 2007, under Articles, Markers

RAP74 is the first “enemy” fire arm in the Real Action Paintball product line. Designed with 1-to-1 scale to accurately replicate the Kalashnikov AK-74, the most widely used assault rifle in the world, this RAP marker satisfies the many requests received from military and police agencies for an “opposing force” weapon to enhance their training combat training simulations.

1-to-1 scale to accurately replicate the Kalashnikov AK-74

The RAP4 AK74 is designed with the new Military Enhance Training System (METS). The new METS technology provides outstanding power and accuracy, propelling a paintball marking round over 70 yards with the muzzle velocity of 400 feet per second. The METS technology also provides two additional features that makes the weapon perform with much more realism. First, the marker needs to be cocked after each magazine reload, mimicking the standard operation of real-word firearms, and second, the marker ceases to operate when the magazine is emptied.

These features make for ideal training as they are tools to enhance an operator’s muscle memory in high-stress environments. The METS design is far superior to all previous releases with more reliability, more accuracy, and more power, and makes training as real as possible.

Other key features include:
– Adjustable for semi- or fully-automatic fire
– Ambidextrous rate-of-fire selector switch
– Shell casings are ejected after each shot
– Clip-fed 25 round magazine
– Can be fully submerged in water
– Velocity of 350 fps to 450 fps (adjustable)
– All metal construction
– Air power source hidden inside the butt stock
– Simple to operate and easy to maintain

With all of these things to off, the new RAP74 takes its place among the RAP4 product line as the final ingredient for a complete training solution. Since the RAP74 has more power, it works best with the new made in U.S.A. .43 caliber paintball. The new paintball yield the best performance with its new gelatin formula. These paintballs are formulated to work with the increased power of the RAP74

Package includes:
1x RAP74 marker
1x Magazine
1x 45g CO2 Cylinder (optional flexi-air system)
1x Permanently Glazed Orange Muzzle
1x Cleaning Kit
1x Tool Kit
1x Marker Oil
1x Manual and warranty
1x 250c RAP4 Paintball


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RAP4 :: M-4 Carbine (Automag)

by on Feb.02, 2007, under Articles, Markers

“What the…?” and “holy mother, where did you get that?” are what you will hear when you take Real Action Paintball’s custom marker M-4 Carbine (Automag) to a game at your local paintball field. Other players will drop their jaws and practically beg you to play on their teams. Your opponents will out look at you with fear and intimidation, and that’s already half the battle. Don’t consider getting one of Real Action Paintball’s custom markers unless you are prepared to get lots of attention.

Custom Replica M-4 Carbine (Automag)

1. Comes with 4 X 25 telescopic crosshair scope.
2. Telescoping stock slides in and out and locks in four positions.
3. Raised sight rail.
4. The replica is constructed using a brand new Airgun Designs Automag Classic paintgun.
5. Metal magazine is securely mounted and may be used as a vertical grip.
6. Smart Parts All American 16″ barrel.
7. Comes with:
* Toolkit
* Airgun Designs owner’s manual and video tape

Custom Replica M-4 Carbine (Automag)

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RAP4 :: Tactical Ten Paintball League

by on Feb.02, 2007, under Events, News, Press Releases, Tournaments

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the Tactical Ten Paintball League (TTPL), a tactical paintball competitive league. The TTPL competitions employ real-life tactics from SWAT and Special Forces teams, and many elite units around the world. This is tactical paintball at it best—as real as it gets!

The TTPL was formed by paintball team Undertakers, and RAP4. Hercules Papadogiannis, team captain of the Undertakers, is the main force behind the TTPL, and is the man who’s responsible for bringing the league together.

The TTPL follows a 10 on 10 format, with each team allowed to roster as many or as few players as they choose. Teams may even choose to field three members to compete instead of ten, if that’s their fancy! Since some teams works better in a small squads, the choice is left up to them!

Each game consists of two 45 minute halves. Each side takes turns attacking and defending, while accomplishing one major objective per team. A scoring system awards and subtracts points according to objectives completed or failed. Certain roles, such as a team commander, team medic, team sniper, and team demolition man, are in effect.

The TTPL is about taking scenario-style competition to the next level, and allowing each team to use their true tactical skills. This game is not about spraying and praying, because each player’s hopper (or magazine) is limited to only 50 rounds. Additionally, each marker used in the competition must be semi automatic only.

The TTPL’s first annual competition will be will at Pyro’s Production on November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. For more information about the league, please visit

Real Action Paintball—As Real as it Gets!

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RAP4 :: Reusable Hand Grenade

by on Jan.23, 2007, under Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of the NEW, reusable, Hand Grenade. The RAP4 Hand Grenade is a safe replica of the military “pineapple” style grenades. It weighs .5lbs, and is the same width, height, and dimensions of the real thing!

RAP4 Hand Grenade

The New RAP4 Hand Grenade is designed to enhance scenario games and take them to the next level of realism. The RAP4 Hand Grenade will also serve as an excellent training tool for both the military and law enforcement.

The RAP4 Hand Grenade is designed to function similarly to the real grenade—pull the pin, throw, and it detonates a few seconds later. The detonation time is adjustable from 1 to 8 seconds, and propels airsoft BBs or discharges simulated smoke. To detonate the RAP4 Hand Grenade, hold the grenade in the throwing hand, thumb over the safety lever, pull the safety pin (pull force of 5–10 pounds), and throw! When the spoon flips up the countdown begins!

RAP4 Hand Grenade

The RAP4 Hand Grenade is powered by 134A green gas, and can also be operated with CO2 or compressed air at 75-80psi by using the AG1 grenade charger and regulator. The RAP4 Hand Grenade can be loaded with powder and 6mm airsoft BBs for different effects. The powder leaves a noticeable residue and the BBs work like the fragmentation effect of a real hand grenade.

The RAP4 Hand Grenade provides the ultimate realism in war game sports for both paintball and airsoft. It also provides the military and law enforcement a new training tool. Use it to set up booby traps, throw it, or roll it under a wall in their base—you can create realistic conditions and tactical concerns without the danger!

Real Action Paintball takes realism to the next level!

RAP4 Hand Grenade User Manual ( more info )

Package includes:
– 1 x Hand Grenade
– 4 x Powder Disks
– 10 x Rubber Seals

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JT USA :: Proteus 2 – Paintball Mask (Smoke)

by on Jan.17, 2007, under Articles, Goggle Systems

The JT® uni-body polymer mask features one of the lowest profiles on the market today. Engineered for maximum effectiveness for communication on the field, it incorporates unique audio capabilities and fog-resistent performance making this the most advanced goggle system available. The Spectra™ lens, the most popular in paintball, provides a 260° field of view. Completing this incredible system is our New “Diamond Gloss” finish, giving you that unbelievable “wet look”.

Product Features

Thermal Lens
Lens Type: Spectra
Degree of Vision: 260°
Face Protection: Soft Sided

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RAP4 :: T68 SOF M18 (magazine fed)

by on Jan.17, 2007, under Articles, Markers, Tactical Gear

T68 SOF (Soldier Of Fortune). The T68 SOF is a .68 caliber paintball gun that has many options, configurations, and possibilities to match your gaming style!

T68 SOF (Soldier Of Fortune)

The T68 SOF accepts your hopper, and can easily take an 18 round detachable magazine kit—if you want the best in aesthetics, and cutting-edge developments. It shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs and can be used at any paintball field! It operates on both CO2 and compressed air. Try it with a remote line and one of our collapsible stocks for the ultimate in lightweight convenience…and looks!

T68 SOF M18 – comes with a functional 18 round detachable magazine. You can use the bottom fed magazine to feed the paintball or you can use a hopper too.

Key features:
– All metal construction
– Durable and reliable
– M4 style trigger and grip
– Multiple configurations and endless upgrades
– Compatible with CO2 and HPA
– .68 caliber
– Optional magazine feed system

The T68 SOF Marker with Magazine Kit comes with:
– 1 x T68 SOF Marker ( more info )
– 1 x T68 SOF Magazine Kit ( more info )
– 1 x Air adaptor ( more info ) – optional air stock kit

T68 SOF (Soldier Of Fortune)

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RAP4 :: T68 MP5K Paintball Gun Package

by on Jan.12, 2007, under Articles, Markers, Press Releases, Tactical Gear

T68 MP5K. This new marker is faithful to the image of the world-famous submachine gun used by US Navy SEAL teams in CQB operations!

The T68 MP5K is just about the shortest and lightest paintball marker you can find, while still being packed with cosmetic and functional features for ultimate paintball action. They are built with a 3″ barrel to stay compact and tight for fast, rapid action. Top, bottom, and side tactical rails accept Weaver-mount accessories, like the “broom handle” style vertical grip, flashlights, lasers, and more. The T68 MP5K is designed for high-speed games that call for instant and precise response with completely reliable equipment.

The T68 MP5K uses your hopper. An 18 round detachable magazine kit is available to convert the MP5K to use a magazine. It shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs and can be used at any paintball field! Military and law enforcement groups can use the T68 MP5K for tactical training, and you can use it to clear castles, forts, and trenches–it’s perfect for room clearing and building entry training, teaching CQB marksmanship, and firearm safety instruction. And after all that, will still rock some people’s worlds at the field!

The T68 MP5K is manufactured with a final weight, width and length that is comparable to authentic MP5K style machine pistols, and the grip is familiar to fans of the M4. This gives officers a true-to-life feel as if they were holding their duty gear.

The T68 MP5K will change the face of paintball and give the military and law enforcement agencies new training gear…and your scenario gaming will never be the same!

Package comes with:
1 x T68 MP5K ( more info )
1 x Air Adaptor ( more info )
1 x Retractable Buttstock ( more info )
1 x 3 inch Barrel ( more info )
1 x Tactical Vertical Handgrip ( more info )

Standard features:
– Semi-automatic operation
– 200 round hopper adaptor
– .68 caliber
– Works on CO2/HPA of all sizes
– Maximum range: 200 feet
– Effective range: 100 feet
– Velocity 250-370 fps (adjustable)

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RAP4 :: .68 Cal Rubber Training Balls for Law Enforcement

by on Jan.09, 2007, under Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

The new .68 caliber rubber training balls for Law Enforcement and Military operators. These are the latest non-lethal training munitions available today.

.68 Cal Rubber Training Balls (Bag of 500)

The .68 caliber rubber training balls are extremely cost effective, and can be used thousands of times. They just need to be swept up, rinsed, dried and put back in action!

The .68 caliber rubber training balls will serve as excellent training tools, and are extremely effective for force-on-force training where you can’t leave a paint mess behind, or can’t afford case after case of paint. They are designed to work with the new T68 Gen5 .68 magazine fed paintball markers, as well as the markers your department already uses!

.68 Cal Rubber Training Balls (Bag of 500)

The .68 caliber rubber training balls and the T68 Gen5 offer Law Enforcement and Military operators the most effective training tools and less-lethal systems available in the market today. These systems are virtually maintenance-free, and ultimately cost less than 1/2 of a penny per shot.

These systems will open new doors for your training regimen, allowing you to train in places and operations like never before. Reduce your training costs, reduce your operating costs, and improve your exercises—get Real Action Paintball training balls and T68 markers this year!

.68 caliber single color rubber reusable training balls. Bag of 500 high quality rubber balls made in USA . These are the best rubber balls in the market today!

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