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Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun w/ Tank + Dye Rotor Hopper & Pro Harness Combo Package

by on Nov.24, 2017, under Articles, Markers

  • Maddog Tournament Ready Electronic Paintball Gun Package
  • Overall Profile (25-Percent Lighter and 15-Percent Shorter)-25 BPS rate of Fire-3 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto, Ramp PSP, and Ramp Millennium)
  • Package Includes: Dye Rotor Paintball Hopper (Feeds 50+ BPS), Maddog 48/3000 Compressed Air Tank (Shipped Empty) + Fill Nipple Protector,
  • Maddog Pro 43 Paintball Harness w/ (4) Standard 140 Round Paintball Pods
  • Fast Charge Adjustable Inline Regulator-Standard Thread CA Vertical Adapter-External Velocity Adjuster-All Aluminum Constructed Body-Compatible with a Spyder 9.6v Rechargeable Battery or a Premium 9v Alkaline Battery (not included).

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TonTon takes over Spyder’s European Market

by on Feb.02, 2007, under News, Press Releases

Spyder is proud to announce the hiring of Frederic Halmone, one of Europe’s premiere paintball players, to coordinate events and sales efforts in Europe. Fred has a long and distinguished history as being one of the most aggressive players in the sport of paintball, from its earliest days in the woods through the modern game of today.

“I am excited and very happy to sign with Kingman Group,” says Fred. “Since my days playing with Bad Company, I have known of the quality and reliability of the Spyder brand and I am proud to have this opportunity to bring all of their products to the European market.”

Fred will serve as the European Territory Manager and will display the latest developments in Spyder gear at Millennium and other European events. “We are very pleased to have Fred on board,” said Greg Jonsson, Spyder Vice President of Sales, “and we can’t wait to see the results of his labor in the future!”

With over 14 years of experience in paintball, Fred will surely be a valued contributor to the success of Spyder’s sales and marketing in Europe.

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Spyder to sponsor the CFOA for 2007

by on Jan.24, 2007, under News, Press Releases

In an agreement reached today, Spyder has become a major sponsor of the CFOA Tournament Series for 2007. While specific terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, Spyder will support CFOA and its players across every format offered by the league, from five-man airball to the new and much-anticipated ten-man scenario competition to be offered by the league for the first time in 2007.

“I’m ecstatic to welcome Spyder to the CFOA family,” league Marketing and Sponsorship Director Joshua D. Silverman said after the agreement was reached. “Spyder is an industry-leading brand offering affordable products for the full spectrum of the game. To have a name as respected as theirs associated with the CFOA is an honor and we look forward to seeing them at league events in 2007 and beyond!”

An industry leader who revolutionized the game of paintball by making semi-automatic performance affordable for every level of player, Spyder manufactures an extensive line of paintball equipment for any style of play from recreational games to tournament competition. The Spyder VS series has redefined the performance and appearance of the Spyder line, while the MR line of military-style paintball markers make the woods a dangerous place for any player not equipped with a Spyder. The new Fasta series of performance paintball loaders provides top-level tournament performance and feed rates of up to thirty balls per second at an affordable price. The complete line of Spyder products including markers, loaders, bunkers, packs, paintballs and protective gear may be viewed on or purchased from local paintball retailers.

“For years we have received positive reports about events run by the CFOA,” said Spyder Marketing Coordinator Dan Weber, “therefore it is our pleasure to provide support for such an upstanding and professionally managed organization! Very few paintball tournament circuits have even come close to reaching the level of success that Josh and the CFOA have attained on the East coast and we wish them all the best this coming season!”

The world’s largest producer of five-man paintball tournaments, the CFOA has offered players in the Southeastern United States a highly competitive tournament experience at an affordable price since 1999. Offering classic center-flag five-man, divisional X-Ball and now even tactical ten-man scenario competitions throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee at world-class paintball parks, the CFOA has built a framework of high-value regional competition paintball on a firm foundation of customer service. For a complete list of events, registration information, prizes, sponsors and more, visit the official website of the CFOA online at

Spyder :: 888-KINGMAN

The CFOA ::

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NcStar :: Paintball Laser Sight Tippmann 98/A5 Spyder

by on Dec.27, 2006, under Accessories, Articles, Tactical Gear

High quality laser sight from NcStar. It is made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. The laser sight easily attaches to nearly all paintball barrels with the bracket that is included. Batteries come installed and also comes with extra replacement batteries and 2 allen wrenches.

* Lighweight Aircraft Aluminum Laser Setup
* Hi-Powered , 500 Yard Range

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RAP4 :: Spyder Grenade Launcher Package

by on Dec.26, 2006, under Articles, Markers, Tactical Gear

Even out the playing field with this Phantom Grenade Launcher. This kit is extremely easy to install, it takes less than 2 minutes and are ready to be in the action.

Spyder Grenade Launcher Package

This Phantom Grenade Launcher kit can be mounted on any paintball markers, it is compatible with all paintball markers, guns and rifles.

Phantom grenade launcher package includes:
1 x Phantom Thunder Grenade Launcher (short)
2 x 20mm Universal Barrel Mounts

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RAP4 :: Flexi-Air Butt Stock System for SpyderReal Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of the patent-pending

by on Dec.15, 2006, under Accessories, Air Tanks, Articles, News, Press Releases

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of the patent-pending Flexi-Air System for Spyder series paintball markers. The new systems allow any Spyder markers or clones to be converted into a full-blown military-style marker for scenario paintball!

Flexi-Air Butt Stock System for Spyder

This is the long-awaited release for Spyder paintball marker owners who want to get into woodsball and scenario paintball at the next level. Flexi-Air Systems for Spyders are designed for all Spyder series paintball markers, and are compatible with every Spyder paintball marker ever produced–including the older rear-cocking markers! The Flexi-Air System can turn any Spyder paintball marker into a cool and intimating woodsball machine. With the Flexi-Air System and other accessories, you can make your marker stand out from the crowd–mount up with a flashlight, laser sight, or even a paintball grenade launcher! Flexi-Air Systems are easy to install–it takes less than 1 minute. This means that you can use the same marker for airball and woodsball with no problems! Flexi-Air Systems take Spyder markers to whole new levels of play at your field.

Flexi-Air Butt Stock System for Spyder

With the RAP4 Flexi-Air system for the Spyder you have the option of connecting a remote line directly in the back of the stock and have it completely out of your way to add the most realistic look and feel to your Spyder…and out-gun your opponent at the same time. The RAP4 Flexi-Air system for the Spyder features an enormous 1.5 oz air expansion chamber. With this expansion chamber, which is conveniently hidden inside the collapsible stock, you can expect your Spyder to be consistent like never before. Your shots will be more consistent and reliable, and thus more accurate, as your Spyder feeds continuously from this enormous reservoir. For winter play, your CO2 won’t freeze up in your marker again!

Amp-up your Spyder’s performance with the RAP4 Flexi-Air system, and at the same time intimidate your opponents with the most realistic upgrade ever! Get one before your opponent does!

Flexi-Air Butt Stock System for Spyder

This kit works with these Spyder models. Fenix, Raven Nexion, Spyder Pilot, Spyder TL-X, Spyder TL-R, Spyder Imagine, Spyder Esprit, Spyder Victor I and II.

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.68 Caliber Markers :: Spyder Imagine

by on Sep.05, 2006, under Articles, Markers

The Spyder Imagine comes packed with the performance expected from Spyder Electronic Markers at an affordable price!

Spyder Imagine

-IPI System (Intelligent Push-Button Indicator) Patent Pending

-Firing Modes includes: semi-auto, 3 burst and Full Auto

-High Speed and Low Speed Adjustable Rate of Fire

-Reactive Trigger Response, up to 13 shots per second

-Battery Indicator

-LED Light Display Format

-External Recharge

-Vertical Feed

-Sprint Aluminum Electronic Frame with 2 Finger Trigger

-Tournament Velocity Adjuster

-New Anti-Double Feed

-Bottom Line Set-up w/Stainless Steel Hose

-Quick Disconnect Pin

-Expansion Chamber with Fore Grip

-Deluxe Sight Rail

-9 ½’’ Muzzle Brake Barrel

-Vision Rear Cocking System (Patent Pending)

-Low Pressure Chamber

-Operates Effectively on CO2 or Compressed Air

Spyder Imagine

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RAP4 :: Spyder Hammerhead Barrel

by on Aug.10, 2006, under Articles, Barrels

The Barrel is The Most Technologically Advanced Paintball Barrel in the Industry.

Our purpose was to develop a paintball barrel to achieve strict accuracy and guarantee a 99% ball break for law enforcement for pepper balls.

Barrel Testing

Our engineers undertook the task of developing a barrel specifically designed for paintball to meet the players strict requirements. Existing Technology could not meet their needs. Test results showed some of the same principles in ht e rifle industry applied to paintball but key difference existed due to the liquid and ball characteristics.

Key Findings of Hammerhead

“Degree of Twist” of rifling is critical to accuracy

“Accuracy” and downfeld sound transmission is positively effected by reverse porting

“Reverse Porting” is critical for proper ball regeneration

“Reduced Sound Levels” transmitted downrange

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RAP4 :: M-4 WMD ( Spyder )

by on Jun.26, 2006, under Articles, Markers

M-4 WMD ( Spyder )


1. Replica suppressor (non-functional).

2. Comes with scope rail, rings and 4 X 28 optical crosshair scope.

3. Flat top Weaver rail receiver with removable M-4 carry-handle.

4. Comes with dual magazine clamp and spare magazine (fake bullets not included).

5. Comes with handguard mounted bottom Picitinny rail with tactical flashlight and mount and vertical handle.

6. 16″ Barrel.

7. Telescoping stock slides in and out and locks in four positions.

8. The replica is constructed using a brand-new Kingman Spyder paintgun.

Comes with:

-Tool Kit

-Kingman Spyder owners manual

-Disassembly instructions

Available Options:

Electronic Trigger for Full-auto

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