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RAP4 :: Tactical Ten Paintball Vest

by on Dec.04, 2006, under Accessories, Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

If you are looking for a paintball vest that is comfortable and able to carry a load of paint, this Tactical Ten Paintball Vest configuration is the one for you. This configuration can hold 1400 paintballs and still have room for expansion to hold more.

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of the new Tactical Ten Paintball Vest. This vest is specifically designed for players in the intense new tactical paintball league: the Tactical Ten Paintball League (

Tactical Ten Paintball Vest

The vest is designed to be highly versatile, and thus adaptable for various different tactical roles such as: sniper, heavy gunner, light rifleman, and commander. Each and every pouch is interchangeable and allows the user to configure the vest to their tactical role, their style of play, and the demands of that particular scenario.

The Tactical Ten Paintball Vest can be configured for heavy gunners who need to carry more than 2000 paintballs—that’s more than a case—all the way down in weight to commanders who only carry paintball pistols and paint grenades.

The vest can be configured to hold a paintball pistol and magazines, radios, paint pods, maps, compressed air or CO2 tanks, smoke grenades, small props, tools…it has endless possibilities. The Tactical Ten Paintball Vest allows you to adapt the vest configuration that fits your playing style.

Tactical Ten Paintball Vest

The Tactical Ten Paintball Vest is made with the same material as standard military gear for extreme durability, and even includes a drag loop should you need a little help off the field. With the Velcro-and-snap interface panels that cover this vest, you will be able to build the perfect outfit for all weather, situations, and games—just what you need for the Tactical Ten Paintball League!

Key Features:
– all pouches are interchangeable
– completely ambidextrous for left users
– pod pouch can hold 100, 140, qloader pod and water bottle
– big holster can hold all .68 caliber paintball pistols
– back co2 tank pouch hold all co2 tank sizes, 45ci, 68ci and 72ci
– rugged and extremely durable

Tactical Ten Paintball Vest

Tactical Ten Paintball Vest

Size information:
Regular fits users who wear S, M, L and XL shirt sizes
Regular – fits user under 6 feet and weights under 250lbs

Large fits users who wear XXL, XXXL and XXXXL shirt sizes
Large – fits user over 6 feet and weights over 250lbs

This vest comes with:
1 x Tactical Paintball Vest
1 x Shotgun Shell Pouch (Front)
1 x Name Tag Pouch (Front)
1 x Radio Pouch (Front)
1 x Shoulder Pad (Front)
2 x Paintball 3 x Pod Pouch (Front)
1 x CO2 Tank Pouch (Back)
1 x Paintball 4 x Pod Pouch (Back)

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RAP4 Target Ball Tactical Training Vest

by on Nov.22, 2006, under Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release of the Target Ball Vest. The Target Ball Vest is designed to work with Target Ball Systems, where paintball markers are used to shoot soft balls onto this Target Ball vest. This system is designed to aid Law Enforcement agencies with their training, and provide a clean alternative to messy paintballs.

RAP4 Target Ball Tactical Training Vest

The Target Ball and Vest is designed for agencies that need to cut their budget down to the bare minimal and still able to do force-on-force training without hindrance.

The Target Ball and Target Ball Vest allow Law Enforcement agencies to train like never before. The system is completely reusable—agencies don’t need to buy additional supplies. Buy the gear, lock, load and train!

The target balls stick on the vest, showing exactly the point of impact without the mess! With this system, training scenarios can be conducted at any location—office buildings, warehouses, even schools. Many agencies can now use their local schools, city hall and real live settings for the most realistic training scenarios!

>>> View the demo video at:

RAP4 Target Ball Tactical Training Vest

RAP4 Target Ball Tactical Training Vest

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RAP4 :: Choose Your Battle Terrain!

by on Jan.31, 2006, under Articles, Other Gear, Tactical Gear

Introducing even more colors and accessories to the popular RAP4 line of Tactical Paintball Vest. The vest is designed with all the pouches in the front so that they are fully accessible at all times. This design follows the basic principle of “real” battle vests, where all the magazine pouches are in the front and can be reached in a split second. This design has been battle proven to help the operator swiftly execute a reload in extreme situations and under intense conditions.

Paintball Vest (Digital Camo)Paintball Vest (Black)Paintball Vest (Olive Drab)

With these new colors being added to the Tactical Paintball Vest line, each operator can now better than ever choose the right color vest for their battle terrain. From black to drab, woodland camo to desert camo or even digital camo, RAP4‘s popular Tactical Paintball Vest now has the color and camo to meet the tactical requirements of the job.

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