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Skirmish’s “Invasion of Normandy” breaks records

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Skirmish USA’s now-legendary DraXxuS “Invasion of Normandy™” scenario game set a new world attendance record for most participants at a single paintball game, as 4,007 players converged on the Pocono Mountains to “storm the beaches of Normandy” and enjoy a remarkable and memorable weekend of Scenario Paintball, contests, role-playing, camping and special shopping deals from dozens of vendors.

Two truckloads of DraXxuS Midnight™ paintballs were shot back and forth between Allied and German forces on hundreds of acres of pristine paintball landscape provided by Skirmish USA, one of the oldest and most respected playing fields in the world. What began as a massive clash for the Normandy beaches between the British, Canadian and American Allies and the German forces behind the dunes became a two-day slugfest that concluded midday Sunday with an impressive Allied victory and the highest score ever for the beleaguered French forces, caught in the middle in a clash of titans.

Tanks of all types roved back and forth across the battlefield, including the popular Paintball Sports Magazine tank, operated by Editors Dawn and TJ Allcott, wreaking havoc and pushing the lines of battle to and fro while thousands of players duked it out amongst the rhododendrons at the home of the world-famous Tippmann Castle.

Vendors included; VForce Vision Systems, Smart Parts, Tippmann, Dye, Kingman, Planet Eclipse, American Paintball, Smokin’ Products, Paintball Central, Rufus Dawg, Paintball Kingdom, National, J & J Barrels, Quick Shot, Rhythm Paintball, Accurate Paintball, Blood to Blood Sports, West End Paintball, Paintball Source, Revolt Creations, Paintball Fury, Ambush Alpha, US Military Gear, Corner Surplus, and several others…

DraXxuS paintballs are the #1 choice of the largest and most influential game field operators and scenario promoters in the paintball industry, as well as consistent tournament-winning Teams like XSV, Baltimore Trauma, the Philadelphia Americans, Joy Division and Gridlock.

For more information on Skirmish USA, home of the Invasion of Normandy game, visit their official website online at

For more information on DraXxuS™ paintballs, VForce Visions Systems™ and XBall™ paintballs may be found online at

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The Makers of DraXxuS Partner Up with the CFOA!

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The CFOA Paintball Tournament League has signed an agreement that will provide all of the Teams in the world’s largest five-man league with access the very best paintballs in the world. Procaps, the makers of DraXxuS™ and XBall™ paintballs, has partnered with the CFOA to produce custom CFOA XBall Paintballs.  The timing is perfect, because in addition to the CFOA’s popular five-man format, this year the league will promote five XBall Lite™ events as well. For the 2006 CFOA season, players will have access to fresh, top-quality XBall Gold, Silver and Bronze paintballs, emblazoned with the CFOA logo at prices certain to impress.  In addition, Procaps has generously provided XBall paintballs to the CFOA for prizes and contingencies!

The CFOA will retain Bring-Your-Own-Paint policies, but for convenience and quality assurance, Teams will be able to purchase pro-grade paintballs identical to those used by 2005 National XBall League “President’s Cup” Champions, Baltimore Trauma, delivered fresh to every 2006 event. As an added incentive, all teams who pre-purchase CFOA XBall paintballs during registration will receive a REBATE on their event entrance fee! Also, Lottery tickets inserted into random cases of CFOA XBall paintballs will further reward CFOA players with valuable prizes.

“DraXxuS paintballs are proven tournament winners, used by the best of the best in the sport,” stated Joshua D. Silverman of the CFOA, who continued, “when teams like Baltimore Trauma, the Philadelphia Americans, XSV, Detroit Strange and the Miami Raiders have all achieved victories with this brand, it’s clear that the quality and performance of DraXxuS are unrivaled. The CFOA is honored to partner with XBall to provide our customers with the very best in 2006.”

In addition to the world’s best five-man competition, the CFOA will offer the hottest tournament format in Paintball, XBall, to its customers for 2006. Players from Florida to Virginia, and from South Carolina to Tennessee, will now be able to enjoy the traditional five-man play for which the CFOA became popular, or step up to the same XBall format played by top professional Paintball athletes. For more information on the 2006 schedule of CFOA events, entrance fees, CFOA XBall paintballs and more, visit the official league website online at

Manufactured by Procaps, DraXxuS and XBall paintballs are the brands chosen by the best teams in the sport, including the 2003 and 2004 NXL President’s Cup Champions, the Philadelphia Americans and the 2005 President’s Cup Champions, Baltimore Trauma. DraXxuS Teams dominated the 2006 PSP Texas Open, where three of the top four NXL teams chose DraXxuS paintballs. To learn more about the complete Procaps product line, including DraXxuS paintballs, XBall paintballs and VForce Vision Systems, visit

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From the makers of the revolutionary VForce Profiler” Paintball vision system comes the next step in the evolution of the most advanced Paintball protection yet created, the new VForce Profiler SE Special Edition. New for 2006, the new “reverse-color” SE selections make the Profiler line the most diverse in the sport, allowing Players and Teams to match their masks to their style of play or team uniforms. VForce Vision Systems invites every Player to “Choose Your Vision with the signature pro-level performance that has made the Profiler the choice of champions since its release, now available in the widest array of colors available from any


The Profiler SE adds “reverse-colors” like the rich reverse cosmic blue, reverse red, reverse grey and reverse DeepWoods Green (TM) for the ultimate in style and color coordination. Match any uniform, gear or attitude, play in the woods, urban environments, or the great stadiums of modern professional competition. With a wide array of color and reverse-color choices now available, Teams can even use Profiler and Profiler SE systems to create “home” and “away” uniforms for the utmost in professionalism! Choose Your Vision!


Profiler SE Profiler Original

Reverse Red Red over black

Reverse Cosmic Blue (TM) Blue over black

Reverse DeepWoods Green (TM)Green over black

Reverse Grey Grey over black

Black over black

Yellow over black

WINNERS: The VForce Profiler” is the mask of champions, including the 2005 National XBall League” President’s Cup Champions, Baltimore Trauma, as well as the Boston Red Legion! Thousands of Tournament and Woods Ball Players and Teams rely on VForce, time after time.


UNMATCHED OPTICAL SUPERIORITY: VForce is legendary for precise, undistorted optical clarity throughout the entire lens surface, with no corner creases or blurred areas as found in some goggles. VForce’s enhanced field of vision delivers unrivaled peripheral vision and an unrestricted view in every dimension across the entire gamescape.

THERMO-CURED(TM) ANTI FOG: Long-term, fog-free play, event after event, without the worries of leaking dual-pane thermal lenses or scratch-prone inner lens membranes.

UNSURPASSED COMFORT: For long games or short, on hot days or cold, your Profiler won’t be a headache. Play for pleasure. Pain becomes somebody else’s problem.

WORLD’S FASTEST MASK: VForce’s legendary QuickChange (TM) Lens lets you switch to your tinted lens in moments, staying focused on the game, not the gear!

The Profiler SE (TM) and Profiler (TM) are the flagship Paintball vision systems of VForce Vision Systems (TM), the manufacturers of the Vantage”, Morph”, Shield” and Armor” masks, available from Procaps Direct” and the best Paintball distributors and Pro-Shops worldwide.

For more information, visit


To set up your new Procaps Direct (TM) Wholesale Account, call Toll Free: 866.688.8880

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